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Chinese home is mixed with the current situation that spins a design think
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Spin products plan to undertake integration analysis to the home, the home spins a design to should include 3 levels:
1, products plan of domestic yarn fabric (fabric) ;
2, the home spins design to design (planar) ;
3, the home spins product model to design (space) .

The home that normally we think spins a design to often spin design to design confuse sth with sth else with the home, actually 3 levels are mutual associated and be short of one cannot, formed the home to spin the concept of the design jointly.

Will look from the process of products plan and administrative levels, the relation between them is:
Fabric design is ground floor most discharge ring section, decided the home spins a product to use " what " fabric; Design design is intermediate link, decided domestic yarn fabric imprints " what " design; Product model design decided for final link the home spins printed fabric to do " what " final product.

From 3 person between the action that a kind of such interact still should exist in light of correlation and counteractive relation:
Fabric design can be promoted and stimulate new design design and product model design namely. Design design can affect fabric design and product model design again, and the final design that modelling spins as family expenses decided to use what kind of design design and fabric design. Spin products plan division to should have the design technical ability of this tripartite face at the same time as the home, should be in at least specialize in while design is designed, understand and master textile fabrics products plan and home in time to spin product model to design dynamic information, but stylist is being spun in home of our country great majority is design stylist actually, its are main the task designs grain model namely, and more time are at the popularity outside imitating a country the home spins design, because design is designed,be in our country at the same time still be not taken seriously by height in most enterprise. Our home spins stylist to still seldom the opportunity goes foreign market understands first-hand home to spin popular information, extremely rare also opportunity returns a college " charge " , learn new knowledge, renew old idea.

Our country home spins design group to existing generally this kind of state, affecting our country home to spin the process that the industry develops ahead, eager for quick success and instant benefit of type imitate profit was earned for the enterprise on certain level, but from long-term in light of, our home spins a design to lose his design language accordingly likely, our home spins stylist to also will lose the power that designs creation. This is breakneck. Imitate can make we produce two abortion to taste only forever, create oneself design language, just make we produce a top-ranking home to spin a product likely. Cause of course at present the reason of this kind of state makes of many sided, the deep-seated element that its form has the following at 2 o'clock:
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