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06/07 China Home Qiu Dong spins the 5 big themes that design popularity
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The first theme: Realize gradually

Once sank to be like at all sorts of seeing what be nearly before is good and cannot extricate oneself, however by confuse realize, bring infinite daydream while the clean land that makes us to an eternity. Walk out of the palace with abstinency overelaborate, the nobility with inherent continuance, from now on, the essence of the life is true and visible, the process of the life is elegant and agreeable.

The 2nd theme: Wake up to reality

Be what makes youth sober also? Poke complex cirrus to arrive at ideal superstratum, without blundering air, everything is so pure. There is great beauty between heaven and earth of look into the distance and cannot character, take in and send out in large quantities change twittering tone, enjoy the space that belongs to oneself alone. Young, need little is wasteful, need little is extravagant...

The 3rd theme: Comprehend

No matter whether chasing the tide of nowadays, always hope Ju Jiasheng can reflect the disposition feature that gives ego alive, at the same time also confirm is worn accumulated culture details. The joy of the happiness of years, childhood leaves print from beginning to end, be in again however look forward to future ceaselessly, leave old I am modelled new me, want to wake up the consciousness of the life.

The 4th theme: Thorough is realized

The life should be those who enjoy, slack. Be far from blatant with jam, take off the exhaustion of a suit, love from now on on the first sunshine of early morning, loving the morning dew of windowsill flowers and plants, each cell of the body begins to dance livelily. Absentminded, pull a cool breeze, pond of rambling carry on one's shoulder, listen to frog sound one; Stroke a bounty, big thorough is realized greatly.

The 5th theme: Satori

Follow or luxuriant or plain nation amorous feelings, sit embrace bright and abstruse different region culture, eyeful is thick as hail illusive. Too much luxuriant, the bewilderment in look look eye, puzzled the heart... suddenly have as if momently expect long already sensation, quiet goes however, change the clear sky after rain, the Qing Chun between natural and graceful 4 shoot.

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