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Popularity of Chinese spin fabrics designs " to be a concept with "
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Integral keyword: Blending, hand-me-down effect, purl, raise high, bead piece dress stylist: The most striking progress in cotton spinning fabrics is finished product was changed, before photograph comparing send judge fabrics, let commissioners have a surprise. But a lot of have not pass bath, do not look to give the effect after hand-me-down, leave final conclusion very hard. On the pattern of cotton spinning fabrics, jacquard weave affixes revenue stamp is a progress. Shirt fabrics asks Hua Shuang, comfortable sex is strong, some was accomplished, some returns existence difference.

Technologist: Purl is applied in fabrics of this cotton spinning a lot of, broadwise interval and cotton interweave, because both shrinks rate is different, produce crape feeling outward appearance, and have fight electrostatic character. The new fiber such as black silk ribbon of silk of colour cotton, day, ammonia mixed new character for cotton fabrics. Some cotton fabric still need shrinkproof to arrange. The commissioner is right among them gauze kind fabrics shows very large interest, as we have learned, now gauze in the market very popular, but because of gauze kind fabrics is bad on craft to handle, efficiency yield is low, low, the business that does this kind of fabrics accordingly is less, and in this send a lot of gauze discovered in judging fabrics. Expression is popular tendency to be raised high, 100, 120, what 140 cotton fabrics does is very good.

Fabrics purchases business: Comparing those who get attention is the bull-puncher in cotton spinning, there is son of one bull kept for covering now very popular, do on fabrics namely old but did not do completely broken, very much big shop sign applied fabrics of this kind of bull-puncher like DIOR. Additional, the bull-puncher fabrics that sees the brand such as gotten ONLY in home is very pretty good also. There already was the bull-puncher fabrics that advanced raw material develops on international at present, for example day silk bull-puncher, the characteristic of this kind of fabrics is very comfortable. Among them fabrics of a bull-puncher is handled through pinprick, the opposite is gigging, make be in harmony of positive and negative is an organic whole, skin texture rich, technology is right, have the breakthrough on the technology, but the commissioner thinks, do not advocate an enterprise to make the development of this respect, because order is little,be, having again is design is former achieve a gender to have need checking card.

Popular index: Index of innovation of ★ of ★ ★ ★ : Index of technology of ★ of ★ ★ ★ : ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Dress stylist: This second chemical fibber fabrics has a few tendencies, it is copy some kind of fabrics, wool of the hemp that be like copy, copy; 2 be outstanding oneself is idiosyncratic, break through chemical fibber itself, make look to still be close friends than plumule hemp silk on whole. The black in chemical fibber is not quite ideal, color float above, the black effect in be inferior to wool spinning is good.
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