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Industry expert is analysed how to bring up spin beautiful to taste a design
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Qin Daihua: Traditional culture is design germ

High speed development of economy is a Shuang Renjian, although raised living standard, but from the design for angle, affected the continuity of ethical culture.

"Textile change is too big really, make me amazed simply! " Tsinghua university academy of fine arts is caught knit dress to fasten associate professor Qin Daihua to sigh with emotion so. Go to the United States from 1981, come to went back to the motherland 1996, these 15 years between, chinese textile produced the change of world-shaking really. No matter be fabrics, or hind treatment processing had very great progress, but be short of regret to still exist, what design namely then is backward. Qin Daihua laughs at character, actually the design also changed, just be alter by the former and complete in a way that copies nowadays.

"A change in form but not in content " borrowed practice, make China is called in the world " copy " big country. As the Qin Daihua of compatriots, face these, feel particularly embarrassed. So, when ask in reply of stylist of a Germany, china's so long history endless flow, collecting head of a gravelstone casually is ideal design, why take others even? At this moment, qin Daihua is speechless.

Magnificent the civilization ancient country 5000, in order to be full of the creation of wisdom intelligence of animals famous, go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures comes before having each country of Han of Europe, day since ancient times, silk regards China as textile once fashionable world. From when to rise, this kind to the west or world " take doctrine " is those who became design industry inertial? This is the blemish of stylist oneself, it is social problem more. In recent years, because machine the commercial interest need of exit, spin design of China is to follow commonly breed of Euramerican and popular design and color, the face of the product also is " foreign fittings " , this is met only with respect to enterprise of nurturance China spin " follow suit " inert, cause ability of own design product to short badly.

The hair that designs in the light of domestic spin develops form, qin Daihua puts forward, should raise the cultural connotation of stylist, the understanding that includes pair of traditional culture factors and breed. When when a stylist with the west contemporary notion explains work, the Chinese trace of meantime is cannot of eliminate. Place of a nation gifts this, also historical environment place is brought up. So a lot of stylist abandon nowadays the most essential nation is characteristic, go after so called contemporary international blindly, can fall to the condition of the nondescript instead.

Once stylist complains, there is a design on Chinese history. Qin Daihua thinks, because he still did not know the history truly,that is. Cong Qinhan, to Tang Song, to bright Qing Dynasty, arrive again latter-day, become the without number of the style oneself. 10 years for instance Culture Revolution is a special period, or the concept of 229 time big Shanghai with hot now normalizing, these are containing the historical setting of massiness, derive outstanding work as the ability that prop up with its. Otherwise, lose the design of culture basis, can be buoyant only do not have strength.
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