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Vogue and art talk about a love
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Art and vogue, resemble two hedgehog really, got close to each other are plunged into unbearably, from far solitary, doleful and intolerable. They who won't abandon whose. Real life had proved countless times, attrition the love of ceaseless, bumpy often can last all one's life.

   Vogue fell in love with art

2006 during christmas, lu Yiwei enters the whole world the shopwindow of 360 brand shop shined at the same time an aureate eye pupil. This " pupil " it is Denmark famous artist Aolaweier Ailiyasong (Olafur Eliasson) the lamp that designs for Luyiweideng only acts the role of work " soon you " (Eye See You) . In the evening, the golden odd shade that is close to sunshine is hit in the lamp, too intense light lets all round the impressions; that all scenery present a black-and-white photograph approachs go seeing it, your eye also becomes because of it demon unreal is weird. Another his work " you look at me " (You See Me) also be in new York brand shop synchronism begins the Luyiweideng of the 5th highway permanent showpiece. In October 2005, parisian sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace beautiful abandon ave Lu Yiwei to ascend flagship store to open business afresh, ailiyasong created work for its " ignorance is not had become aware " (Votre Perte Des Sens) .

Ailiyasong is one of artists that Luyiweideng sponsors enthusiasticly merely, in the 7 buildings of store of flagship of Lishe of sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace, it is an art gallery more, a certain number of second theme art already were held to exhibit since practice, exhibited the work of many artist. 6 its downstair storefront, also decorate so that resemble gallery, the staff member stands cautiously in not remote corner, hanging the expression of guard, warn a client in breathed ground it seems that: Chong is blown fall archives of big pool of  of screen of look of cowardly of eye moisture in the soil mu  a huge legendary turtle

Vogue and art, it is circle originally in secretly two stronger personality, if be on cocktail banquet meet by chance, who also won't before going up, deign greets sb with the other side, become only the other side is transparent. In Yinggeli Sixi (Ingrid Sischy) look, it doesn't matter is strange, "When talking about visual language, everybody can pick automatically. Adage said, the enemy that vogue is art " . Si Xiceng 3 curtilage the head portrait of lifetime puts in her to hold the post of chief editor " Artforum " on magazine cover, artists go out from anger, this memory says on the west, everybody simply mad. Each other heart keeps art and style proud with bias, in stylist eye the artist is too wanton, and the artist distains to consider stylist people delicate, correct is kneaded. Now and then, contrary relation can have alleviation, the derive in the work that for instance Luo Lang of · of emperor of Yi husband · brings from painter Meng Deli is inspirational, rolled out those who stun the world " Mengdelian " series. But such successful case can be counted on one's fingers.
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