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5 Chinese stylist judge bit of Paris
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Visit week of Parisian fashionable dress with the eye of stylist of course extraordinary, the trend that sees by their professional eye is sure more convincing also. We search to be able to design 5 stylist of force on behalf of this locality most, visit the week of Parisian fashionable dress in their eye.

   Liu Kun

Was born 1981, design style " sex appeal, high, sea is sent " , love uses deep, heavy, gorgeous bright and comparative scenery to make collocation, bold use Western-style cut out unwanted material.

   Individual brand: LUKUN

Regard this locality that has Shanghai distinguishing feature most as stylist, liu Kun's viewpoint and the clothes that describe all along to be like him are distinctive in that way and have an individual idiosyncratic. Look in him, simple and agile design can be a design people the style that likes more and more, in that way contracted like CelvinKlein course is having his moment; in addition, outline feeling also is emphasized more and more, the Qiu Dongxiu this year has many stylist to come with leotard on field the whole body form of a model is shown. Be opposite so for girls, qiu Dong will be a season that cannot loosen to the figure 2007, also because of this tight wind, the pants socks of all sorts of the Leggings of all sorts of length, color still has tight pants to still can have the market. Come from colour say, lanvin and JeanPaulGaultier have sth. worth seeing or reading very much, the color that Lanvin will look eccentric is shown faultlessly come, JPG combines the grid of all sorts of different color collocation, this should have been accomplished very god-given. Fabrics respect, PVC begins modern material this kind to still have more popular space from last year, you see the model of HusseinChalayan or each is used plastic the long leg like will go pace. In addition, thick coat still goes afterwards follow on current.

   Qi Gang

Like all the most luxuriant things, scrupulouslying abide by the ambition of advanced and custom-built fashionable dress, be good at designing evening dress of delicate, heavy and complicated, sex appeal, exaggerated, be known as " Chinese JohnGalliano " .

   Individual brand: X

Very sensitive to colour Qi Gang listed at a heat grow string this year Qiu Dong's fashion colour: ⒚ of  of doubt of ⒒ of expostulate with  installs ⑻   of  of ⒋ of  of Jie of fish hawk of swell instrument admire sincering feeling is phlegmy seek  to cross  ⒛  to sail  of ⒐ of shank of Pi ⒀ Mie wades  circles beautiful field of V of 薒 of rinse cape agitate to get on those sparkling to shine medicinal powder the skirt in placing, no matter black, cream-colored or Yin La, wine is red, uniform was gifted " simple sense of copper " . Besides burnish simple sense, the fabrics such as the abb of jacquard weave, chemical fibber is very popular also. Material is mixed character build a respect to present a contracted view, who uses the material of 3 kinds of above in same layette mount character hardly. "Hubble-bubble sleeve of Qiu Dong is bigger this year, the shoulder is wider, the garment is placed bigger also. " Qi Gang says, the hubble-bubble sleeve that there is different length on the beautiful field such as AlexanderMc Queen, ChristianLacroix, Lanvin and Valentino appears, or elegant, or innocent, or hyperbole.
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