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Evolution China element: The internationalization of Chinese stylist chooses
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Stylist of this generation China is destined to want to become the slabstone of Chinese garment industry. Now, already the first stylist stands on the arena with resplendent week of Parisian fashionable dress, stand in the height that station of countless designs Great Master is in. Still can have stylist of how many China later can again scene hereat, is China designed this with what kind of does the style enter internationalization?

In recent years frequency shows the Chinese element that Hesperian is infatuated with international beautiful field, bring transcendental wallop and visual result. However, want to let more Chinese designs be on stage of world top class extend, the Chinese mark with Oriental strong colour after all can scene how long?

The opening show of advanced hand-me-down week accomplished 2007 Chun Xia Paris Xie Feng, he becomes the first to do the Chinese stylist of individual news briefing formally on week of Parisian fashionable dress from this. When the beginning of the year, ji Wenbo is installed in Zhou Nan of Milanese fashionable dress exhibit on held work of individual special performance to release, became China to design the surveyor's pole that moves toward internationalization likewise. Their success is beyond question, but the designs on behalf of China style that they present for bound of international fashionable dress is worth while however fine fine savour.

Internationalization, to Chinese stylist character, return really very distant, dan Meng thinks the method of implementation already was seen dimly.

   Native land stylist the Chinese element in the eye

Although in the world, chinese stylist can be travelled together to return can be counted on one's fingers for certain, but in home, many outstanding native land stylist already first make good.

Zhang Da, it is the fashionable dress stylist with relatively mature style of current China individual, his manner and idea also have delegate sense in nowadays China stylist.

He ever was group of ease flying fashionable dress advocate stylist, shanghai is in by 2004 the road built Yan'an on the west oneself design atelier, concurrent activity room, began to design sale daughter to assemble a product 2005, the brand is " do not have an edge / BOUNDLESS " , at present at the beach outside Shanghai the consignment of much home store such as 18 Younik inn.

Very little head, black casing glasses, simple black T-shirt, show slightly tacit. This is the reporter is right before interviewing initial impression of Zhang Da. But, after the talk of chatting type, reporter discovery, be full of infinite imagination to the design, just be true and vivid Zhang Da it seems that.

Look in Zhang Da, the occurrence of Chinese stylist brand on international crossover is a first-rate job, but open a news briefing and cannot have had on behalf of Chinese fashionable dress " good design " .

Nowadays of wind of Chinese element, China is being heated up, appear often before common people with figure of multiform delegate China. Of course, on arena of international fashionable dress not exceptional also. And, attract the design style of Hesperian look with strong Chinese wind, once also was the successful course that original China stylist takes door going abroad. The precursory character Zhang Zhaoda of Chinese stylist and nowadays already the Wu Haiyan of reputation Yuan Yang is such.
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