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Dress of glow of jade of wool of high figure adviser is commented on (graph)
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  The expert comments on: This groups of dress that amorous feelings dress offers afternoon use the artistic literary skill of Taiwan brushwork Great Master, with the design of pure and fresh grace, contracted collocation, suit several of all sorts of circumstances classical designs, the woman beautiful posture is shown to the top of one's bent, or namby-pamby move feeling, or intellectual and free from vulgarity, or fashionable individual character. Whole group dress in order to fold violet coagulate element gives priority to a problem, as if sacred dye dish broken go up in a calico, design and color is optional however like nature itself. Essence of life cuts skirt, garment, unlined upper garment, bag into parts to let popular feeling appearance, deserve to be tasted with 7 minutes of pants, jacket, other act the role ofing, it is household, journey no matter still go to meeting, what can highlight the contracted, female of dress is spell able, although not colourful gas is threatening, also can let a person shine at the moment. Line of whole group clothing is worn golden cupreous color of skin, tell a wife, dress is decent, beautiful beautiful not be a problem.

(This column dress by amorous feelings dress is offerred afternoon, by 1 million colour figure designs a center advisory Mao Yuxia comments on high figure)

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