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China is designed -- 80 hind stylist is become achieve power formerly
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Chinese dress brandish is fastened " China is made " trend " Chinese design "

Chinese dress stylist shows a body one after another since 2007 beautiful field of week of world-renowned fashionable dress, go to new York again to Paris from Milan, international dress designs the Chinese force of the bound to rising abruptly. And go up in the week of fashionable dress of the 10th China International that just ends, 25 vogue are released and attribute the Chinese trend that native land stylist creates, the actual strength that lets Chinese stylist use his proved Chinese fashionable dress has waved take one's leave " China is made " , and to " China is designed " change.

   Achieve force to become formerly advocate dozen

Wang Qing of chairman of association of Chinese dress stylist says, the design is Chinese garment industry from treatment production big country Xiang Yuan achieves design big country to be stridden " crucial the first step " . He expresses, chinese dress should move toward international truly, "The former activate that the most important is individuation plan " . The stylist Deng Yu Ping that in first fashionable China innovation designs invitational tournament to win gold prize of female outfit group thinks, chinese stylist is jumping out the hedge with pure pursuit exciting vision, "Found oneself design style slowly. " the stylist Sun Xiuqin that comes from Xinjiang, in work full-bodied " former zoology " amorous feelings of the Western Regions lets a person find everything new and fresh. Found only then new, true " China starts a design formerly " get ready wait for hair.

   Chinese element becomes the biggest hotspot

Dish buckle, Chinese character, printing... Chinese element is applied more and more adeptly to be in fashionable dress work by stylist. What horse's hoof sleeve, pictographic design and detail are in is inwrought, chinese flavour is even more implicative also meaningful. The work of stylist Ceng Fengfei blends in the element such as Pi Ying, character dress work, affix an official seal is spent and the colour collocation with taller brightness highlights clear state of mind. Stylist Liu Wei all the time with " flower " to design inspiration, the skirt that she releases this year pretends to taste hand-woven cloth of many use printing, draw lessons from the grain of blue and white porcelain, the Oriental and elegant exclaim making a person that its work shows. More and more stylist reach consensus, belonging to the thing in him blood just is the most beautiful actually.

   Chinese design: Thick accumulate ability thin hair

The beginning of the year of stylist Ji Wenbo ever appeared on week of Milanese international fashionable dress, release newest design work. When he accepts a reporter to interview, say, "I feel Chinese stylist wants to obtain approbate, be about to have the thing of Chinese characteristic above all, be about to abstract Chinese element first come out. " he thinks, the stylist of nine times out of ten is clear " thing square element is united in wedlock, restore ancient ways with contemporary union " truth. True Chinese element is not the simple expression of Chinese past something, he says: "Red like China, Feng Wen, Pan Longtu case, compare formal design so, stylist uses now already not much. " he expresses, chinese design was to combine contemporary element, have oneself again " very China " characteristic and connotation. "Card guest " the Yang Ziming of design chief inspector of the brand thinks, stylist brand of China, want to change an element to run by Chinese mainland. He says: "We hope to break the bias that the Chinese can borrowed only, the brand that changes abroad just is worth adored view. Above all, we get effort study, dig native land resource. Dig native land resource..
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