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Inflection of 798 artistic moral integrity
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All the time since 798 news are ceaseless, dispute is ceaseless. Before is place is not approbated to artist crowd, now is the artist is not approbated to local controller however; Inchoate Dashanzi is artistic the because run a group,holds block the way of the section steps forward dimension difficult, now is local property him group organize artistic moral integrity. In Bacchic in, 798 oneself fame extended art outside the circle

From the first Dashanzi artistic moral integrity begins, area of 798 artistic garden has made China's artistic now mark. By this year April, 798 inside held Dashanzi is artistic the section will change as " 798 art section " , total scheme exhibited a person to also become Zhu Ji by original Huang Rui.

The plan with the biggest difficulty inside 10 years

The 3rd week before the Spring Festival, plan exhibits person Zhu Jihe the controller of property management company of 798 saw one side. They tell Zhu Ji, "This the total organizer of 798 art section is you. " after two weeks, decided formally come down, spring Festival hind begins formally to begin to work. To such pressing arrangement, zhu Ji says, "10 years since, this is artistic activity with the greatest difficulty that I encounter. This is artistic activity with the greatest difficulty that I encounter..

According to normal circumstance, like 798 art the activity with so wholesale division should shift to an earlier date 6 begin to plan to 8 months, possible use makes gift more perfect, more important is just can help assistance in that way. "Present result is, the assistance outside a minute of money is done not have, 7 stars group gives this cost. " Zhu Ji is concealed none to this. As to specific figure, zhu Ji says, "Not quite convenient divulge, can say to should exceed 1 million only. Can say to should exceed 1 million only..

Original 7 stars group is when planning art section, placing the total scheme that come to exhibit a person is not Zhu Ji, the Li Xiangqun that lives inside 798 garden area however and before be being operated all the time a few Xu Yong of artistic moral integrity. But was rejected by Xu Yong however. "I say with them at that time, although I am making the artistic part previously all the time, but such assign is to cannot be taken numerous, we must make all orgnaizations inside garden area voting, ability knows their fundamental think of a way. " Xu Yong says. such, 7 stars group did investigation questionnaire, send 80, call in 78, the result is to be willing to attend. Then, according to this " democratic process " established an organizing committee again, singled out Zhu Ji finally to exhibit a person as total scheme.

"Such democratic process is quite good, but also delayed many time, still basically be they do not have experience. Had contacted with Cui Jian originally make a show, need 400 thousand, but lack because of capital, also did not do finally. Can say again next time only. " Zhu Ji says.

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