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The man catchs needle embroider canvas one is patted namely 5.5 million
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Da Vinci's canvas " the smile of unconscious graceful Li Sha " , everybody familiar to the ear can detailed, and the Suzhou embroidery technology that uses Chinese convention, the embroider of stitch a gleam of comes out is a meaning more extraordinary, curious is, the Suzhou embroidery work of an essence clever unsurpassed, unexpectedly out the hand of a strong-bodied man.

The man that can give western canvas with embroider of Chinese Suzhou embroidery calls Shen Delong, he is president of limited company of technology of emperor of Suzhou city Gu Wu embroider, this year more than 40 years old.

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So setbacks of cost of this National People's Congress searchs come to come, it is to think the De Longxiu that ask Shenyang of edition of a Suzhou embroidery " the smile of unconscious graceful Li Sha " .

Suzhou embroidery very not simple, sichuan embroidery of embroider of another name for Guangdong Province of it and Hunan Hunan embroidery, Guangdong, Sichuan calls China " 4 names embroider " , and it is the stunt in a boudoir since ancient times. Dan Shende dragon a man, how can you have inwrought craft?

The man takes needlework to learn embroider

90 time, shen Delong fastens graduation from canvas of Chinese academy of fine arts, be allocated to Suzhou embroidery the institute designs rough sketch, he daydreams also did not think of, the leader sends the first his mission, it is to take needlework to learn embroider unexpectedly! "Do embroidery? Do I say to have before had been done maly? I feel very strange, a bit abruptness, how can you let me learn embroidery? Did not hear the man can do embroidery before me. Did not hear the man can do embroidery before me..

The man is strong-bodied originally, the hand is thicker also, learn inwrought feeling maly to hold out humourous. The eye with peculiar others makes Shenyang heart Long Xinli very uncomfortable, but undergraduate of newcome of strong point requirement must issue a workshop to jackaroo. Do not have method, he is forced toughen one's scalp-brace oneself, take the embroider injection that never has touched: "Although the needle is very light, but because of embroider when without skill, do not know how to control it, so a silver-colored needle is done not have 39 heavy, but root root bone can be affected. But root root bone can be affected..
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