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Tailor-made solution becomes Shefuleji the central issue that the group shows in
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All illuminate makes tailor-made solution

Germany Heerzugenaolahe on July 30, 2008 report / new colorful connect /- - the favour of client of deep systematic illuminate, whole world and conspicuous research and development and the interaction that make professional technology, become Schaeffler Group Industrial to be in jointly ITMA ASIA CITME 2008 (Shanghai, in July 2008 27-31 day) go up the central issue that show. The product that its innovation includes own research and development and high speed are one-track the ball is oriented system, and the solution that in direct drive technology the place inside this one increasingly main field offers.

Times more tailor-made twist spindle

Measuring a body for target market with the Asia custom-built and times more complete twist when spindle, low noise, exceed smooth operation and economic benefits to make attention central point. The global limits operation of Schaeffler Group Industrial ensures have excellent ability and quality likewise in the Asia, thereby can the special demand of mature place client. This shed a respect to offer huge advantage for the client in time and content.

Columnar roller bearing

It is in order to be used at the bearing of FAG cylinder roller of spin machine exemple, schaeffler Group Industrial has ground give out cage of JP3 armor plate and hypostatic and brass cage. The new design of armor plate cage improved the way of going from place to place of lube significantly, dropped bearing temperature thereby. Improvement cage horizontal stroke blocks an appearance to be helpful for lube film figuration. Through optimized hypostatic brass cage designs the application that shakes to be a feature with tall acceleration with Yu Yijiang, can drop the working temperature of bearing at the same time.

The client's custom-built curve gyro wheel

What manufacturer of European spin aircraft uses the research and development of gyro wheel of new-style client custom-built curve, greatly the Bearinx(C) program that place of benefit from benefit from deploys. After devoted production flow, the computational ability of this program makes curvilinear gyro wheel undertakes accurately adjustment, satisfy all sorts of client requirement thereby. Depend on this system, schaeffler Group had the capacity of tailor-made curve gyro wheel now, can undertake adjustment to its, in order to get used to any special client demand.

Use at the innovation bearing component of embroider machine pinhead

"Quick Stitch " it is Schaeffler Group Industrial the innovation that the embroider pinhead transmission shaft in be bull embroider machine designs prejudicial round of component. This component can make embroider machine more economy, fast, and more simplified to design. As a result of prejudicial annulus the component can make the whirligig of transmission shaft direct the fluctuation of pinhead of machine of translate into embroider moves, do not need system of again add transmission so. Applied accurate ball bearing to reduce maintain demand and operation cost, higher inwrought rate can be achieved inside same time.
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