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Do on Hangzhou market set Chinese take the most expensive 20 thousand yuan
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The reporter hits explore to did not discover Hangzhou has temporarily through sell Chinese the hypostatic shop that take, but go up in the net that clean out treasure, of Hangzhou Chinese take inn to have many 10.

  A the most expensive bridal ceremonial robe or dress wants 20 thousand yuan

Began osculatory Chinese to take 2003 manage " cold sound house advocate " solemning already was old connoisseur, her memory says, just began to manage Chinese the case that take is not good, the turnover of every month has hundreds of yuan only, the client basically also is beside zealous Chinese of culture " people on one's own side " . For promotion Chinese take, let more people can intuitionistic bring into contact with Chinese take, "Cold sound house advocate " opened specialize in Chinese the net shop that take, and with " cold sound house " for brand, registered the whole nation first Chinese take label.

Nowadays, "Cold sound house " lunar turnover is controlled in 4000 yuan. Although Chinese the sales volume that takes a month is less than 10, but compare with management initial stage, the situation is good really much. In management process, she has been encountered various Chinese serve customer.

"I had sold a the most expensive Chinese taking is a bridal formal attire, price exceeds 20 thousand yuan. " she says, this formal attire is very luxurious, include to have myrobalan (wipe a bosom) , the unlined upper garment in be being gotten continuously, straight get big unlined upper garment, underdress, outside skirt, chatelaine, wrap around silks 7 dress are mixed one Shuang Qiao head is walked on (shoe) composition. Whole layette acts the role of the fabrics that basically waits for complete real silk with white thin silk, tapestry satin, georgette to make. Formal attire of a complete set of still passed ten complex process such as printing and dyeing, inwrought, sew. Sheet is one gets big unlined upper garment continuously, imprint went up two kinds of color.

"Bridal economic atmosphere is pretty good, working month income amounts to 20 thousand above. " " cold sound house advocate " say, not only such, bridal itself is Chinese the person be fond of that take. Around ever had bought what do not issue 10 Chinese take. "Too much person had been used to marriage gauze to regard a knot as marriage formal attire. When this pair of new personality dress Chinese takes formal attire to appear when marriage banquet field, can use only ' Jing is colourful ' two words will describe. Can use only ' Jing is colourful ' two words will describe..

"Cold sound house advocate " this royal wedding since memory, guest people be new personality China take praise greatly. In the other people of a new type that is the same as a hotel to hold wedding, also cannot help sidelong glance peeks. "I think all the time, this can make the new trend of bridal henceforth dress. This can make the new trend of bridal henceforth dress..
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