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Affection of deep deep Olympic Games adds up to child of blessing of embroidery
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Affection of deep deep Olympic Games adds up to child of blessing of embroidery of river king aunt to congratulate an Olympic Games

Online message has Sichuan only elementary school culture, year the workingwoman of come off sentry duty of nearly 6 a period of ten days, having the Olympic Games complex of an extraordinary however. She lives in the Wang Jifang's aunt that adds up to hill of river county banyan to press down oil to deserve to enrage station dormitory namely, child of her manual and inwrought Olympic Games blessing lets person click of the tongue say to surprise.

The cross-stitch of king aunt
The graph reveals child of Olympic Games blessing to the reporter for king aunt and marital Zhan Zhiming

Embroidery learns after come off sentry duty

Take the door of king aunt, see be hanged on the wall in the sitting room only, place on the ground, what pile on sofa is an aunt in recent years painstaking effort- - tens of cross-stitch work. " newspaper spring pursues " , " Jin Tongyu female " , " 2 Long Huzhu " ... each work is very lifelike, lifelike.

And most those who grab an eye is that same a world, same the work of Olympic Games subject matter of dream and a Fu Wa. This year Wang Jifang of 57 years old, the husband is oil deserves to enrage station worker, already retired now in the home, a pair of children work in oil branch. She ever went to work in unit big collective in the past, before a few years of come off sentry duty, idle will do not have a thing, she thinks of needlework seeking a site is done alive, then from 2005 will rise May, begin to learn cross-stitch. To learn, she buys the blueprint of cross-stitch and needlework, again and again practices. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, after half an year, cross-stitch work of Wang Jifang succeeded eventually.

Affection fastens work of Olympic Games embroider

Through nearly two years the embroidery of time practices, inwrought craft of Wang Jifang is masterly with each passing day, last year August, she sees from TV somebody gives an Olympic committee the work such as paper-cut, painting and calligraphy, also plant in Wang Jifang's heart then the seed that laid an Olympic Games. I also should do a thing for the Olympic Games - a work sends embroider the Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

Say to work, king aunt begins to look for the cross-stitch blueprint of subject matter of concerned Olympic Games everywhere, can look for inn of blueprint of a lot of cross-stitch to be done not have. Hear Beijing has this kind of blueprint, the son will be away on official business last year in September Beijing, also did not forget to run the cross-stitch shop of Beijing size buys blueprint for the mother, result still empty-handed. But under, she asked a son to download the braids sweater design of subject matter of a concerned Olympic Games from the net. Then, from the embroider line that redemptive place requires county cross-stitch inn, next him design of another pace, modification design. The design that the son downloads is " same a world, same a dreamy " this theme, 5 Fu Wa are below the theme. King aunt says, the Olympic Games is held in China, there must be the Tian An Men that represents the motherland certainly in design, on Tian An Men little also not the security that the plane will guard the Olympic Games.
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