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Deformity female embroider 12 meters " emblem of all previous Olympic Games purs
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Channel of xinhua net Shaanxi on August 4 report (reporter Chu Guojiang) Shaanxi is saved always embroider made Zhang Yindi of cripple of town of birthday county storefront and a few embroider daughter a few days ago finish " emblem of all previous Olympic Games pursues " , this 12 meters long, wide 0. 7 meters length coils to cost in all they between a year of a long time. From small suffer from the Zhang Yindi with paralytic children, learned skill embroidery craft, and open the embroider village that gives priority to with gauze embroider handicraft. By 2006, piece Yin Dimeng sent embroider to make an Olympic Games grow the impulse that coil, decide with inwrought formal emersion Olympic Games of the first Athens goes to the 29th Beijing all emblem of the Olympic Games and mascot, for tribute of Beijing Olympic Games. Subsequently, zhang Yindi and her embroider daughter people the emblem that carries the Olympic Games up and down from computer and mascot design, study the content such as the size that embroider tastes, stitch, colour. Last year May, they began embroider to make, finished this before Beijing Olympic Games is held eventually " emblem of all previous Olympic Games pursues " embroidery is long roll. (be over)

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