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Workingwoman of come off sentry duty: Inwrought exit goes to the United States
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Live in area of green hill of city of Inner Mongolia Baotou rich after the come off sentry duty of Chen Wei shadow of 5 community, become a monk late in life learns Suzhou embroidery, she is mixed nowadays the work of her student not only market does not have care, and sold the United States. The reporter came in the community embroider lane that Chen Wei movie works a few days ago, she is in embroider " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " .

■ the United States comes turn round guest

Look around embroider lane, draft, cotton cloth, embroidery thread, stretch tight casing, station wearing, hand is helped up board, everything needed is ready. Chen Wei shadow says, these material tools are community agency purchase at the beginning, still include to introduce customer, promote work. Embroider mill is small now famous gas, supply and marketing two flourishing, a lot of old customers still give the introduction new visitor.

"A few days ago they call to me say to want to come Baotou, want to buy our Suzhou embroidery. I say you did not come, I at hand work is very much now, finish first, you shift to an earlier date a few days to call more next time. " Chen Wei shadow says " they " it is a few United States friends, ever was last year here buy 6 embroidery at a heat.

"They come in medium the picture that is hanged on the wall, be picked directly, 3 are the enjoyable picture that numerous bird dwell cultivates, one is Gong Feng, one is landscape. " the shadow recollects Chen Wei, "The foreigner likes too colourful thing not quite, like element to enrage natural thing. Like element to enrage natural thing..

■ the person holds a pin to middleaged ability

Chen Wei shadow is in embroider " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " the most lively one part, also be the person's maximum part. "It is crop common people for the most part, so the character's head, dress, chatelaine, shoe gets apart embroider, cannot stitch after all, must use diverse line, different stitch. " Chen Wei shadow introduces, "Pursue formerly even if part, reflect civilian life. Wealthy person also has a few, wear robe, sit on the horse, they are OK cap-a-pie an embroider. They are OK cap-a-pie an embroider..

Chen Wei shadow introduces, a such 30 centimeters 1 meter long, wide embroidery, 1000 yuan sell in Baotou, huhhot 2400 yuan, 6000 yuan of above of Beijing, " one is in Beijing now waiting to sell in an inn. " one is in Beijing now waiting to sell in an inn..

Suzhou embroidery is the traditional artwork with a manual extremely strong sex, accordingly in the market, do not have the cent of true bogus, have the differentiate of actor bad only. And embroider work is much give Changjiang Delta, north is scarcer.

Chen Wei shadow after the come off sentry duty a few years ago, oneself go to southern study Suzhou embroidery. "We am the pin just is held after many years old 30, compare Changjiang Delta area 56 years old to hold the embroider daughter of the needle, can achieving current rate had been very not easy. " return Baotou, in the hut that offers in community agency, left " woman embroider lane " , groom the workingwoman of come off sentry duty in community, inwrought allowance family expenses. "Student embroider was over, give in a picture to come, pay labour fee, if the picture sold, give deduct a percentage from a sum of money again. " she says.
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