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The longest embroidery is in the world Guangdong breast source is finishing plan
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Beautiful of China News Service closes October 15 days report (Luo Jianhua of the slope austral Ling Lai of Feng Chang plum) the world is existent the longest inwrought work -- Guangdong beautiful involves lacteal cause 100 meters of opposite embroider, now finishing. This work will be celebrated in lacteal source county on November 8 and the world sees with common people on forum of Guo Shanyao culture, plan to declare record of auspicious Nisi world.

The reporter sees in lacteal source county now, this 100 meters grow a design with opposite embroidery to be carrier, adopt ancient bottled the new alcoholic drink, expression gimmick that grows a cane to string together melon, it is artistic element in order to cross babushka of embroidery of Shan Yao male, 12 inwrought babushka modelling joins each other, explain the historical culture of Guo Shanyao massiness. Grow coil to cross Shan Yao fokelore according to lacteal source dish of Hu that 12 surname precious jade to the person crosses the sea and be formed is mythological piece, the fokelore that cross the sea piece, Guo Shanyao amorous feelings piece, narrow pass of battalion Tian Shou piece, the section is celebrated piece, precious jade mountain range is new. Inwrought design still was revealed systematically precious jade ancestor dish Hu slips into enemy battalion, wisdom kill tall king, marry a princess, 12 surnames precious jade the person crosses abyss of misery, still the Wang Yuan, fire that spread salary, walk along a poetic name of China, precious jade hill of refine of person burn the grass on waste land, drink chase, alone Mu Hangzhou, precious jade civilian oppress instead, fight officers and soldiers, save Red Army and new era to precious jade civilian of the Han people is received hand in hand rich will wait for a story tomorrow.

Advocate chrysanthemum of the Deng that start a person tells a reporter, this are long coil to opened embroider on January 16 from this year, month of nine of last a period of time eventually finishing. 24 precious jade 5 hand of afterbirth major embroider, students and social all circles add up to 36 people participated in this embroidery, the age in embroider hand is 70 the biggest years old, 14 the smallest years old. This work is used precious jade the opposite embroidery craft with particular afterbirth, with cross-stitch and straight travel embroider embroider of law of two kinds of ability is made finish, heft more than 80 jins, of tradition of You Yao a group of things with common features red, yellow, green, blue 4 kinds are formed, smooth silk thread expended more than 30 jins.

Deng chrysanthemum tells a reporter, to assure this work can as soon as possible finishing, hand of 24 professional embroider works everyday be as long as 13 hours, nine month will do not divide holiday to never had rested one day.

According to introducing, there is the longest embroidery to grow on the world coil to be 38 meters only, this extensive that is as long as 100 meters grand gigantic make will break world record undoubtedly, while lacteal source is declaring record of auspicious Nisi world about the branch, the work that still hopes this does not provide ethical amorous feelings sends consummate Hai Shibo to be able to be revealed. (Be over)
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