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Greeting card of embroider of thorn of plant greeting card is welcome
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[report from our correspondent] (reporter He Xin) yesterday, china is postal hold in Guangzhou " postal 2009 greeting card issues a ceremony " . This second China is postal right greeting card breed was made again 2009 adjust, roll out breed in all 161, spend greeting card with plant greeting card and embroidery among them the most conspicuous. This also is afterwards was rolled out 2008 lucky (1 + 1 ) and achieve oneself model after greeting card, china is postal roll out again " innovation " greeting card.

Plant greeting card uses the market banner craft and originality achievement, plant seed is contained inside its, breed through receiving those who block a person to water, the growth of the seed that finish and gemmiparous; And inwrought greeting card is the inwrought art Chinese tradition, wait like water flea of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style as content of theme of pay a New Year call, appear vividly go up at greeting card.

In addition, for the greeting card of individuation of convenient consumer expression the blessing is reached undertake greeting card is bought, mail, guangdong is postal rolled out website of the Eden that mail card especially today, make consumer OK realize greeting card to make on the network, buy and post, send a blessing easily. In the meantime, to advocate " greeting card the friend is much, much " greeting card culture, guangdong is postal continue to hold the 3rd " seek the friend's most person " activity.

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