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Qinghai is expensive south Tibetan embroider creates obtain employment vacuum fo
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Of famed province inside and outside expensive south history Tibetan embroider is long, be known as " Cang Xiuzhi countryside " . In recent years, expensive south the county holds to economy of Cang Xiuhe singing and dancing " walking on two legs " mode, in order to widen the service outputs channel, ease pressure of social obtain employment, increase farming herdsman income is a purpose, from fulfil capital, solve workshop, strengthen groom, purchase equipment, strive for the respect such as the project to give aid to industry Tibetan embroider grows, make masses of woman of partial farming herdsman walked up to become rich road.

It is to strengthen a leadership, height values property Tibetan embroider. In last few years, expensive south height of government of county Party committee, county values development culture property, regard development as development Tibetan embroider area characteristic industry, widen obtain employment channel, adjust a when foster new economic point of growth industrial structure, significant move, set origanization construction only, stress development of good estate Tibetan embroider with all one's strength, held water expensive south development of prefectural Tibet embroider heads a group, established expensive south prefectural Tibet is embroider association, expensive south the intermediary orgnaization such as center of research and development of prefectural Tibet embroider, cogent strengthen industry interior to manage, actor of assemble entire county centers product of research and development, came true to hide embroider from farming herd door the change that scattered treatment for private use spends to concentration, dimensions, market, benefit.

2 it is to guide actively, do his utmost to give aid to the industry grows. The government is adopted fulfil capital, solve workshop, purchase equipment, scramble the way such as the project, give aid to energetically and develop property Tibetan embroider. Arousing actor of constituent Tibet embroider participates in product research and development, propagandist guiding farming herdsman woman joins concentration while treatment, concentration is sold, one-time to charge of early days of appropriate of center of research and development Tibetan embroider 100 thousand yuan, solve place of office, research and development and exhibition hall 13 260 square metre; The government invests 1.25 million yuan (include project fund 500 thousand yuan) , already built market technical ability to groom workshop of room of room, drawing office, layout, production, mount a picture the omnibus Cang Xiuwen with all ready function such as room of dormitory of room, exhibition hall, office, employee, activity, recreational greenbelt and kitchen changes industrial garden, cover an area of 15 mus, among them floor area 800 square metre, can increase many 200 employee to centralize production.

3 it is aggrandizement grooms, exert oneself breeds actor skill. Union " sunshine project " , " expert of local talent skill " wait for a project, adopt concentration and the measure that groom group by group in installment, accumulative total grooms woman actor 500 much people. Through grooming, fostered a batch of young and inwrought actor above all, expanded inwrought team, solved the problem of fault of civilian inwrought actor basically; Innovated next design of content subject matter, initiated to have case of expensive south wind alone " brand " inwrought handicraft way; Popularized inwrought art again, let more farmhouse women master the proficiency in a particular line that receive is started in the home, make expensive south Tibetan embroider stepped delectable one pace to industrialization direction development.
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