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Macao exhibits first Zhejiang folk 8 hemp embroider and plunge into acquire work
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Zhejiang 8 hemp embroider and plunge into acquire the culture inside information that possesses chiliad, because plain, gorgeous and its Qing Chun is famed. 10 days, be in Macao " world bequest " tourist attraction -- Lu Jiada house, zhejiang Wang Fengzhu and building graceful exhibit first 8 hemp embroider and plunge into acquire work, too many things to see of your Macao audience, click of the tongue praises.

8 hemp embroider, it is Zhejiang Home Chunan severe, Wang Fu (8 common says) the old folk embroidery of one belt is artistic, it is raw material with burlap and twine, on embroider all sorts of " crossed flower " constitute pattern, become its tailor again all sorts of daily articles for daily use, beautiful economic hemp embroider work, it is the Bai Hua end white bottom La Hua or grass more, of primitive simplicity is pure and fresh.

Love folk art as a child, in Ma Xiufang the Wang Fengzhu with face deep attainment expresses, ma Xiudu's special place depends on rectifying a design to use embroider of a line to become only, intermediate very close to each other is broken or tie a knot, every design by among begin among terminative, rear grain is shipshape. Happy event of work of traditional hemp embroider is like word of blessing, salary, birthday, happy event to wait with the design with lucky implied meaning, the happiness that places people opposite work is yearning.

As the development of the times, 8 the challenge that hemp embroider also faces inheritance, to save this folk art that is close to be lost, zhejiang already will 8 Ma Xiulie enters bequest of provincial immaterial culture, let it receive better protection and inheritance.

Plunge into catching is Chinese folk's old fabric coloring method, because of after be being plunged into first, catch, finish by two working procedure, friend name is plunged into catch. Plunge into acquire technology need not sophisticated equipment and appliance, need to use a line to had plunged into cloth according to definite pattern only, coloring hind is become with electric iron iron.

Lou Ting takes an item on display to tell explanation, plunge into caught cloth with thin model fabrics is given priority to, wait like fabric of blending of thin cotton, hemp, silk, linen-cotton, the option of dye is very important in whole process, it wants those who consider different fabrics and dye to cooperate not only, consider different ligation ability method and control strength even, ability makes plunge into the decorative pattern that catchs work to show dramatic nature.

2006, obtain bureau of national cultural relic " cultural relic expert " the Lou Ting of the title, come to Macao this divide reveal plunge into elegantly outside acquiring product, still brought have distinctive " glacial grain " wax printing goods, your audience fondles admiringly.

Zhejiang folk 8 hemp embroider and plunge into catch work to exhibit will end at 24 days.

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