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"Division of family education name " it is unexpectedly " a pillow with an embro
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Channel of xinhua net Tianjin on October 16 report " hope children will have a bright future " it is the world the wish of all parents, many parent choices search to children " renown division " come homework of take lessons after school, but orgnaization of a few education is being hit however " renown division " cover searchs " cheap " the undergraduate cheats the parent.

The not long ago of Ms. Liu Jie that lives in area of Tianjin pond buy is encountered such one blocks worry up, she is beautiful " heavy gold " invite " pedagogic elite " it is actually what do not have pedagogic qualification is big

From begin before the National Day, weekly day meets Ms. Liu for company daughter comes to educational orgnaization take lessons after school, the time that engages with the teacher grew, ms. Liu discovers some places are not right slowly. When attending class recently, teacher of Ms. Liu overhear and person call, mention a few things of university dormitory actually, and still say graduation evidence, sign up if taking an examination of and so on of pedagogic qualification card. Although do not have conclusive evidence, but Ms. Liu trusts this teacher teachs an orgnaization with this no longer, talk things over in a few below, educational orgnaization returns charge of the rest take lessons after school her, this thing just calculates finish.

"After the event, the daughter tells me, this teacher calls telling herself is an undergraduate, orgnaization of Yo of that family education is on campus BBS invite applications for a job. " Ms. Liu says, she also generates suspicion to another educational orgnaizations, because be in later in the course that seeks class of take lessons after school a few times, she discovers without Yo of one family education the orgnaization is willing to tell her, invites teacher is which middle school after all, nevering mention it is " renown division " , be in which school to teach repeatedly, it is the teacher says even bad.
Reporter investigation teachs an orgnaization

Do not want any prooves to have piece of picture row

Appearance resembling teacher can fill a teacher

Do not know to begin from which year, on newspaper magazine many many " renown division take lessons after school " advertisement, place of the whether true lady that be like Liu says orgnaization of a few education recruits an undergraduate to pretend to be a division actually? According to that circumstance that is narrated by the undergraduate place of get behind, the reporter sees the ad of undergraduate of invite applications for a job of orgnaization of not little education as expected in the announcement column of the campus BBS website in much place college, campus. The course of listed need in advertisement, the fellow student that indicates pedagogic qualification evidence is first. The reporter chooses at will among them the phone signing up of orgnaization of Yo of one family education, apply for with the undergraduate for dial the past. Go to school in which university in simple introduction, after professional, grade, piece of surname that pick up the telephone the staff member expresses to be able to go to the company interview, and interview does not need any prooves, certificate, need to prepare one Zhang Yicun photograph only. According to Introduction Zhang Mou, orgnaization of Yo of this family education is " man-to-man " education, give priority to with the of 3 maths at the beginning of Gao Sanhe, English, chemistry and physics. After applying for, attend class one day every week, can recieve 34 students every time generally speaking, and the charge that every give lessons one hour is 30 yuan.
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