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Reporter of China and foreign countries of embroider of needle of China of news
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The honored guest opens embroider stitch. Reporter of China and foreign countries installs factory embroidery technician to coach in Beijing drama, the experience is known as " Yan Jing 8 absolutely " one of Beijing embroider craft.
Liu Long of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Li Fang of our newspaper reporter signs for the activity accept as a souvenir.
Liu Long of our newspaper reporter is photographed

On July 23 15 when, b of center of news of 2008 Beijing international first floor hall, considerably the look that the embroider car that gules silk covers drew everybody.

This is sponsor by center of news of 2008 Beijing international " I am Olympic Games embroider picture -- embroider of experience China needle is artistic " spot of the mobile ceremony that start. Begin from midday, open the one part of silk curiously with respect to often somebody, try hunting the mystery of art of this one China.  

Eventually, the adviser of center of news of 2008 Beijing international that comes from Australia manages the secret that the reporter of China and foreign countries that checks heart · Sai Liman and reporter to be the spot together revealed gules silk backside: 3 foolish condition but the giant panda of Ju, Guqu's abundant embroider is worn, the bright and beautiful silk with needle of steel of purpose of bewildered person eye, luxuriant natural and graceful, " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " embroider is tasted...

Qatar peninsula TV station is stationed in Beijing to divide company president Yi to plunge into special, Taiwan 3 establish expert of center of Huang Wanman of reporter of Gao Peiteng of TV station reporter, Hong Kong wireless TV station, news Lan Jackie regards adviser collect as embroider stitch, embroider stage walks up in the hurrah of person of the same trades, what experience Chinese embroidery personally is magical.

With the mainland in all Mu Zhonghua's civilized smooth Gao Peiteng, Huang Wanman is artistic to embroidery not unfamiliar, and Yizate, collect Lan Jackie two " v/arc true man " be opposite by comparison " Chinese needlework " appear " ham-handed " , not be the line was dropped, it is pinprick fault place. "Be taken harder than the chopstick! " somebody plaints aside, draw a well-meaning laughter.

"Keep calm, not anxious. " the technician Tian Yanmei that comes from Beijing drama to install a plant, sentence learned red, He Yao to be made to 4 honored guests set an example. See small steel injection is drawing the fluctuation between appearance to break up only fly, the in a flash on picture appearance appeared the outline with clever eye, clear giant panda. "Too magical! Too magical! " in heart " samite heaven and earth " reporters of your foreign country praise again and again.
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