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Fine number sport 10 big " disguise or mask of an evildoer " big head leads Qi X
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Qin Han year, wang Jiajun of Wang Sheng rate is in Dou Wei a woman of color of a special skill is helped in the Western Regions and sanded bandit hassle, bring back river Wang Fu. Do not think this female it is " " of 9 clouds beautiful fox is small wrap around only person skin place changes, its skin must use popular feeling conserve, reason is little only invisible assistant Xiaoyi every other commits murder a few days consecrate extraction a heart is small only, be opposite in order to express small only love, river capital is immersed in a horror accordingly in.

1: Salabowa: 9 clouds beautiful fox

Index of disguise or mask of an evildoer: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Ecru index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Regard a net as the promising young person of altar, labowa's achievement had exceeded Sa to be in far the elder with tennis incompetent bound Kuernikewa. Although this 2 people are the pronoun of network circles beautiful girl together, the fellow-townsman that how but had won the Salabowa of WTA champion,compares oneself is more absorbing, after all the man likes perfect stunner.

The life of field inside and outside, salabowa need not oneself start work, publish an album with respect to enough. The amount of the photograph, natural but with numerous star compare. Nevertheless, like most Euramerican girl, coarse skin becomes the biggest regret of this network circles belle. Bulky pore and the skin that are crossed early by in relief light stimulus, the Salabowa of face allowing quiet appears have lose aesthetic feeling.

Nevertheless, this piece of photograph fosters strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the strength of makeup girl is solid, the powdery bottom that hits facial ministry of Salabowa is even and exquisite, a bit does not look to give the indication that " drops powdery " , the garment of messy hair and surrealism, the belle on collocation's abstruse pupil, a belle is born with respect to so horizontal sky.
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2: Luo Deman: Person skin mask

Index of disguise or mask of an evildoer: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Ecru index: ★ ★

He is a talent, he also is a maniac. Almost all the person that knows Luo Deman a little is clear, "Of tiger " mad the ability that had surpassed oneself. In NBA, unmanned not the rebound ability of Luo Deman of gasp in admiration, but nobody do not surprised his mad bearing outside field. No matter prick how barpque tattooist, the hair style that gets how to do sth unconventional or unorthodox, or it is to take how the sunglasses of halfback, if want to make fun of cruel, it is all-time that Luo Deman is afraid in NBA. Besides kind " tiger " , the person that bedlamite, ruffian and denaturation are loved is the title that people gives him.
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