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Contemporary " embroider is surpassed " groups small also " expert "
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In match of technical ability of industry of tailor of dress of whole town spin, 48 ace 1/3 is the male Wang Xiaodan of reporter of report from our correspondent reports: Cut down quickly, seam edge pressing into the garment, line ball... ground of in an orderly way is becoming players every measure. Yesterday, tailor of dress of Fosan city spin is versed in skill match divides 3 field to undertake finals, 48 players of 16 units enter finals.

Match of this skill of second worker profession is sponsorred by committee of town work tournament. Begin from September, spin dress guild is in whole town the trials that each area held size dimensions, 48 delegates that elect 16 units from inside 2100 much people enter finals. And finals player should take an examination of academic knowledge already, want to study real operation mastery of a skill or technique again.

Yesterday morning, 48 players take an exam in the theory of 80 minutes when town report undertook is greatly, there is 1/3 to be the male in the player. Press constituent afternoon 3 examination room undertake solid hold.

The fact of knitting dress group holds examination room to set sand of buddhist town square inside the industrial district, this groups of players in all 17. The player's title is tube of 5 T-shirts bosom has been made inside half hours (get next prothorax seats namely) . Guild of city spin dress is standing vice-chairman Wu Hao is bright tell a reporter, in T-shirt dress across of line of pectoral canister position is much, want a quantity to want to decrease again again, demand of garment edge dimension is high, sutural requirement level off, it is whole dress the part of the most difficult tailor. A skilled outstanding worker worker has done canister of a bosom to want 5~7 on average minute. And this the match asks the player wants not only fast, also have very high level to quality respect. Fastening canister seeing a bosom is the one part of dress only, its match assesses a standard to have 20.

The match begins, listen to make fall only, sewing machine toots tootingly noise rises. After 24 minutes, the first player completed the race.

The boy Yang Zanzhen that comes from limited company of Fosan Anthony spin completes the race the 2nd times. He tells a reporter, be engaged in this already having all right 3 years time, it is at ordinary times in the factory it is good that he can be done euqally with the female euqally fast, this second he represents minute of plant namely 100 people will play the game. In the match although he is a bit nervous, basic however play gave a level.

Wu Hao is bright tell a reporter, carry the skill game of the industry, already the labor competition ability to increase staff, also be to engraft worker aborning wants energy-saving the concept that decreases platoon, economic producer goods to wait, increase the integrated competition ability of the enterprise thereby. Guangdong excessive amounts to the Du Biyun of ministry of resource of manpower of spin limited company to express, skill match also is a way of company reserve talent.
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