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China Textile City cloth embroidered cloth and other textile fabrics marke
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China Textile City, all kinds of woven fdy, dty, poy-based, and part of the filament Stocks knitted fabric, sofa (including woven dyed fabric, yarn-dyed woven decorative velvet), and other decorative cloth, days turnover shock up, but sales of the week as last week. Week, the filament decorated with curtains, screens, covers the basic needs of continuity throughout the ages last week, but according to the different species, the kinetic energy has been divided: printing variety, jacquard varieties, varieties of embroidery, printing printing embroidery species and varieties of cut flowers, etc. week, novel varieties of hard to view, the lack of excitement seems, each week, because the downstream inventory, purchasing strength has declined, there is insufficient to cargo customers. Week, weather and price competition effects, such as weaving industry and trade, after a body owned dealers, turnover was still more active, the basic price of a steady or varieties, industry and trade for a week because of small size are asking dealers suppression of the current sale of the trade into the business is asking for the formation of pressure, resulting in the majority of trade-based business transaction due to cover price and shrinkage. Week the majority of curtains, screens are singular sales, but not particularly good off the species. Stocks overall turnover of various types of cloth a week a small group of mainly little more urgent demand for relief. Most of the week asking for the basic smooth varieties, the new class (mainly high-grade varieties) asking price most high-Shan, but in case of light element content of more varieties of silk, both basic species and other species, showing a steady rising trend of asking, week class as light curtains, screens are still the majority of the high asking price of all varieties Shan, the majority of species traded only in small groups, large numbers of transactions continue to rare. The first week of April, home textile market as a whole due to price constraints, resulting in sales of hard to break a week; week the total turnover of nearly 650 meters, about 6.7 million meters last week a steady fall over last year (compared to the Lunar year) 830 I meters are obviously inadequate.
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