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China Textile City embroidery yarn get enough
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Recent days, China Textile City filaments off the market less, less than the majority of transactions, but some specialize in cosmetic gauze knit embroidery, home business days of constantly; addition to the spot with embroidered mesh counterparts repeatedly by additional, non- Lack of urgent orders to have the goods, sometimes more or less stable prices. These days, due to rainy weather in Shaoxing, the adverse external customers to go out, long staple warp knitting, weft mesh cloth 纯涤纱 Shalei 45S-60S, 45S-60S Di Miansha cloth, 40S-60S cotton gauze, 20D yarn fdy "mesh yarn" cloth, 30D filament irregular "leak yarn" and other books through the type of polyester mesh fabric, glass type, "light yarn," more than the market goods, transaction sizes, new customers come less, a number of shops on the following Continued the old business site there is a corresponding price discount, the actual selling price of a steady fall; but, as some front shop, the market to buy network gauze, there embroidery factory behind their shops, these days the business not affected, Almost home Several days between the old and new customers continued: 20D rope embroidery yarn fdy "mesh yarn" cloth, 30D irregular filament rope embroidery "leak yarn," embroidery "mesh yarn", light rope embroidery "leak yarn" and so on, all by subscription. With some customers With a wedding dress, evening dress, dress, etc. is kind that requires the kind of set process; as some kind of rope issued within shops embroidered "leak yarn", that is, the more popular varieties. However, with the fabric on the road during this time of oversupply, manufacturers Have the appropriate asking price concessions, the market also have the corresponding selling price to price. As previously 23.00 yuan / kg of rope embroidery "leak yarn", the current customers who have been able to make concessions 1.00 yuan / kg; but some, such as export-oriented special type filament wedding , Evening dresses, Qipao embroidered gauze new network, as much as a single garment factory test market, demand is not, then the price of the previous period 26 yuan / kg showed a steady rise, an increase of about 2.00-3.00 yuan per kg / kg. From the market these days used in wedding, evening dress, cheongsam embroidery yarn demand state can be seen, a number of specialized high-end export fine embroidery, dimensional embroidery, beads, embroidery and other species affected by cold, manufacturers are less busy and more busy; many The owners said, generally need to buy gauze embroidery and processed, but manufacturers have been caught operatives Xiaoshao low quality, inadequate accountability, mismanagement and other problems, the quality defects caused by negligence when seen, to make some high-end foreign orders do not Dare to come. Affected by this factor, the market also prefer a little more hard, willing to make affordable products to avoid future trouble. According to the current market has a sign outside the small single-exposed constantly emerging, the industry expects, middle and low in Europe next spring wedding, evening dress, dress with a pure polyester type 25-30 yuan / kg flat embroidery, rope embroidery mesh will be Strong sales of live, full of great potential.
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