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11.16 Classification of daily sales of China Textile City Summary
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November 16, Tuesday, cloudy. China Textile City, the total turnover of about the 722 million meters (including 6.03 million m long fiber, staple fiber 1190000 meters). The total market turnover of about 16 by 20 million meters compared with the previous day (including long-fiber fabric is about more than the previous day by 18 million meters of fabric is about more than the previous day staple up 2 meters). November 16 is still down due to the price of polyester filament, cotton prices continue to fall, softening the local cotton prices steady, the market stock subscription or bulk orders there are incremental than the previous day, a certain level of market turnover was pushed up trend. Of which: there is a certain level of cash transactions boosted, order delivery is also a certain level of increments. Filament fabrics sold their classification: 1. Curtain cloth, window screening 1.4 million meters; 2. Warp knitted fabrics 147 meters (including decorative warp knitted cashmere 1,260,000 m, 60,000 m knitted T-shirt fabrics, warp knitted mesh cloth 2 million meters of cashmere knitwear 130,000 m); 3. lining cloth, cloth pouch, 950,000 m; 4. polyester spandex fabric 70,000 m; 5. dealing with a long needle-fiber fabrics 320000 meters of textile; 6. cambric 160,000 meters (50,000 meters with printed linen, linen 80,000 m low mass, conventional yarn 30,000 m); 7. fashion cloth 280,000 m; 8. Network cloth 70,000 m; 9. filament and cationic dyed Fabric 60,000 m; 10. Simulation cloth 370,000 m; 11. long-fiber wool 70,000 m; 12. Long fiber woolen 70,000 m; 13. long-fiber base fabric coated leather 70,000 m; 14. Printing Junior conical cap cloth (chiffon fabric, Washed, pongee, chiffon summer, jacquard cloth) and Oxford cloth, cloth bags 670,000 meters. Staple fiber fabrics sold their classification: 1. All cotton 400,000 meters (including conventional cotton apparel fabrics 160,000 m, leisure and yarn-dyed cotton clothing fabrics 50,000 meters, 80,000 meters of cotton cloth printed garments, cotton printed Stocks bed cloth and cotton yarn-dyed fabrics and other household fabric 70,000 meters, the hotel bed with a cotton cloth 10,000 meters, 20,000 meters of cotton cloth, knitted cotton cloth 10,000 m); 2. T / C cloth 190,000 m; 3. T / R wool-like 410,000 m; 4. staple fiber blends (mixed) fabric 50,000 m; 5.T / R (T / C) Nylon (cotton) and other staple spandex stretch fabric 4 meters; 6. people cotton 60,000 m; 7. staple fiber base fabric coated leather 40,000 meters. (The above volume series personal point of view for reference purposes only, not including fabric and other special fabrics and belting, lace, non-woven fabrics, linings and other accessories) Comments: November 16 for polyester filament prices still fell, cotton prices, cotton prices steady softening local market spot subscription or bulk orders there are incremental than the previous day, a certain level of market turnover was pushed up trend . Of which: long-fiber type fabric a certain level of cash transactions are still pushing up the order delivery is also a certain level of increment; staple type fabric still slightly push up the spot transactions, order delivery is also a small increment. Classification in the filament curtain fabric, window screening, warp knitting fabric, lining cloth, cloth pouch, long-fiber wool and cloth printing Junior conical cap (chiffon fabric, Washed, pongee, chiffon summer, jacquard cloth) and Oxford cloth, cloth bags ranging from the amount of cash transactions are still pushing up, have a certain level of incremental orders for delivery. Classification of the cotton staple fiber printed apparel fabrics, T / R (T / C) Nylon (cotton) spandex elastic cloth staple there are different amount of stock transactions boosted, order delivery is also a small incremental . November 15, the New York Mercantile Exchange West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures prices in December to close at $ 84.86 / barrel, down $ 0.02 compared with the previous day / barrel; London Intercontinental Exchange, Brent crude December futures closed at 86.70 U.S. dollars / barrel, up $ 0.36 over the previous day / barrel. November 16 to gradually slow the decline in the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Polyester, Polyester enterprises continued to decline in value of the intention to take the initiative to substantially weakened, the fundamental decline in the price of silk 100-1000 yuan / ton. Polyester 16 companies offer some of the high inventory is still down, but the overall market and more to wait and see Polyester. Polyester filament yarn has been down since last week Xiaban Zhou, the largest declines have been more than 5000 yuan / ton, the average decline rate of close to 3,000 yuan / ton, which gives the downstream textile companies to free up some profit margin, together with PTA and cotton futures continued also decreases the possibility of sealing down limit, while the inventory is not large polyester plant, polyester filament is expected to have near the end of the main or the waves, down rate would be gradually reduced, downstream buying enthusiasm or will be November 20 about to be released. Of which: 16 Polyester Zhejiang market prices are stable or Internet, the price decline reduces the center of gravity. Polyester 16 Xiaoshan market prices and stabilize the main, a local maker quotes are maintained mainstream, the mainstream is a giant half-light low elastic acceptance DTY150D/48F offer 17,000 yuan / ton, 150D/144F half-light micro- net acceptance offer for 17,700 yuan / ton; Xiaoshan POY manufacturers offer a mainstream Pudie 200 yuan / ton. Polyester Tongxiang area on the 16th overall stabilization of market conditions, a local addition to the mainstream manufacturers have reduced light POY150D the following specifications, but offer most of the other specifications are stable, now its POY150D/48F reported 15,650 yuan / ton. But manufacturers said that sales rate is still normal. 16 Polyester market in Jiangsu Province is now stable or Internet, prices are stable and down. 16 Shengze a mainstream manufacturers FDY Polyester Price continue to drop 1,000 yuan / ton, while the offer remains unchanged DTY and POY is now FDY50D/24 cash offer for 21,200 yuan / ton, FDY66D/24 cash offer for 20,200 yuan / ton , DTY75D/72F cash offer for 21,200 yuan / ton. Shengze another local mainstream manufacturers offer direct spinning is continued to be stable, is the light FDY40D/24F cash offer for 24,700 yuan / ton, although the manufacturers reflect sales rebounded 15, but still hard to make peace. Taicang area 16 price reduction for a mainstream manufacturers FDY 1,000 yuan / ton, while the POY offer the same. Market acceptance offer is FDY50D/24F 21,000 yuan / ton, POY75D/72F market acceptance quoted at 18,000 yuan / ton. 16 East PTA market a little pick up, then set the spot market continued to show a small amount of buyers wait to discuss the focus of the 9500-9550 yuan / ton in the vicinity, the market's overall volume is not high. The 16th Asian PTA market sentiment improved slightly, the market offer a small amount of cargo units produced in 1200 U.S. dollars / ton in the vicinity, the buyer is still holding off, then set the intention is not high, the focus of talks in 1160-1170 U.S. dollars / ton, South Korea to discuss production goods In the 1140-1150 U.S. dollars / ton in the vicinity, a firm offer rare. MEG spot market price on the 16th in 8450 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day rose 100 yuan / ton, the market remained watching. Jiangsu and Zhejiang to 16 semi-dull chips market price of the mainstream discussions 12,800 yuan / ton (cash) near the center of Zhejiang polyester chips slightly down. 16, a major polyester plant in Jiangsu price continued to fall, half of which optical sections are reported 11,500 yuan / ton (cash), compared with the 15th down 300 yuan / ton. To November 16 Xiaoshao Polyester market focus is now stable or cross, a small part of the shipping companies still decline in value of higher interest initiatives. Polyester market trend in the decline Xiao Shao reduced, a small part of the pre-offer due to the higher prices manufacturers are still down. November 16 sales relative Xiaoshao FDY filament stabilization, coarse denier FDY filament prices were relatively stabilized, fine denier FDY filament is relatively stabilized, a small part of the pre-offer due to the higher prices manufacturers are still down. Xiao Shao DTY 16 yarn market conditions are stable or each other, the relative prices of partial disorder, some manufacturers offer due to the higher pre-wire prices continue to fall, albeit reduced, was more cautious downstream procurement; DTY porous fine denier filament yarn and DTY transaction prices are still falling. 16 Xiao Shao soft market conditions POY yarn, POY yarn market prices continue to fall, manufacturers offer lower, market price is still down, some manufacturers are still lower due to higher pre-offer, the focus of local steady decline in polyester prices, but drop decreases; which offer silk weaving is still down with POY, softening market conditions remained stable and, some manufacturers offer a higher price because there are pre-cut, albeit reduced.
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