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Textile City the winter market turnover shock pattern revealed by the favored
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Recently, the China Textile City, the winter market turnover shock pattern appears, but the market remained active in the local turnover target customers, marketing is still relatively localized to go smooth, smooth fabric counterparts in popular favor quarter. Polyester prices are still near the upper reaches down, 2010 November 22 to 24 in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are still high price of silk fell from 25 to 26 in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Polyester or showed a slight rebound after. Recent Qianqing Polyester raw material market is still sluggish sales environment, Polyester manufacturers still offer down, the market weakness, the market volume is still insufficient, polyester manufacturers sales rate is still relatively low, mostly in the 50% level, spinning business inventories there increased. Because of the downstream weaving factory, plus shells less than business-to-POY yarn purchase, weaving of silk was traded more sluggish. DTY yarn coarse denier silk yarn and regular sales pressure is relatively large, but in the porous network of fine denier filaments slightly better deal. Porous polyester FDY filament to maintain a certain level of market demand, sales of other varieties remained flat, the downstream weaving factory purchasing is still relatively cautious. Cotton prices continue to fall because the upper reaches, pure cotton yarn, cotton yarn prices were down trend continues, the relatively large drop in the prices of some varieties, raw material cost pressures easing slightly. In recent days, Textile City more than the overall market turnover was shock, cis-quarter of their counterparts in popular favor fabrics, innovative fabrics transaction is still active. November 22 Textile City was a certain level of recovery in the market turnover trend, 23, still a certain level of decline in market transactions, 24 showed a certain level of recovery in the market turnover trend, 25 showed a certain level of market transactions boosted the trend, the market traded 26 showed a certain level of decline in the trend, 27 showed a certain level of market turnover trend rebounded to 28 by Sunday, part of Jiangsu and Zhejiang and textile merchants around the city home to leave the market, there is a certain level of turnover than the previous day's decline. Recent market to T/R65/35 yarn 30S, 32S, 40S-based raw materials, irrigation steaming, singeing, calendaring class sided serge, double serge, satin back serge, serge toothpicks, colored yarn serge, striped serge , light side serge, serge edges, Gong Si Jin, board it and four are T/R65/35 Division wool yarn flat transaction further warming, the local counterpart fabric sales growth. To T/R65/35 yarn, T/R80/20 yarn and Yang Nien 65/35 wool yarn based raw materials, the winter conventional fabric, spot transactions and orders to send local to go smooth, factory-style shop in front part of the cloth industry companies and the large scale of marketing, export and send orders to undertake more active the past few days. Recent Textile City market to T/R65/35 yarn, T/R70/30 yarn, T/R80/20 yarn 30S-40S main classes of raw materials of light color filling casual bar autoclaved wool, wool-like colorful bar , hidden bar wool, wool-like hidden grid, blending wool article points, wool and other species were much filament secondary market counterparts around the customer and apparel manufacturers favored buyers, with small quantities of many varieties, and the subscription Send bulk orders interact as highlights the recent market sales of men's fabrics. Part of the creative style of renovation and both continued to show a slightly higher price of popular fabric trends; for Xiao Shao-scale printing and dyeing enterprises to some energy saving requirements, outdated equipment out of high pollution, the introduction of advanced printing technology, printing and dyeing products, quality and efficiency, part of the fabric dyeing and finishing high quality requirements, there is still a slight increase in dyeing costs, part of the popular varieties of product availability and order price is still slightly higher. Lately, all kinds of cotton textile city of traditional markets and cotton textile fabric bed fabric still have the local moving sales, jet weaving, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics interaction, the overall market volatility in the days of stock trading in increments of slightly trend. Early varieties have been some price increases to the current local stable and slightly lower prices, days of printed cotton canvas, printed twill cotton, cotton yarn-dyed stripe shirt fabric, yarn-dyed stripe cotton fabric skirt fabric and other local a slight increase in turnover in the shock, printed cotton bed sheets home textile fabrics, cotton printed quilt fabric slightly incremental transaction. With the days of cotton prices fell upstream, pure cotton yarn prices steady decline in cotton prices ranging from the amount of loose fabric, finished cotton fabric part of the traditional market transaction price of the order and started a batch of different amount of concessions. To increase the market price remained limited, cotton fabric and finished cotton cloth prices still relatively high, is still relatively limited increase in daily transactions, the traditional market conventional cotton cloth pad, unconventional casual cotton cloth, printed cotton cloth, yarn-dyed cotton fabric , cotton dyeing mill plush, plush cotton printing mill, dyed knitted cotton fabric, knitted fabric printed cotton is still relatively slow increase in daily transactions.
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