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China Textile City recently: a variety of embroidery yarn favored
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Recently, China Textile City, a long staple yarn skirt foreign to domestic goods increase, part of the fabric has many varieties, jacquard, embroidered guise fast, fancy variety of professional business operators, customer days of home access to the goods continued, urging the delivery of one after another. Year-end drawing near, the market demand have cut a lot of fabric processing, but the summer dress with yarn-season type is dynamic, moving off the species and the dynamic sales increase. Dresses market both in the near future FDY yarn varieties, there DTY varieties, there Polyester-type varieties. In addition to 20D-30D of a flat than a thin woven yarn "snow yarn", days of business by the Middle East, Africa, Business, European business and foreign trade garment factory orders selected custom embroidery style, mixed with some of 20S-30S than type, such as " Article Shuangpin "," three and "" organza "," organza "by foreign-based Chinese and also with gauze, and promptly select the embroidery, such as plate, affixed to embroidery, embroidery, string embroidery, embroidery for general or fine embroidery and then processing orders; knitted gauze in the yarn, such as hexagonal, square Shalei "beads," "Bali yarn" for embroidery embroidery by foreign money specified in large quantities l; both the bright cloth fabric on, he to locate similar pattern plate embroidered cloth, or the whole lot of the same fabrics embroidered cloth embroidered patterns set, recently made a variety of national costumes by foreign favorite, to small and medium-volume days of each transaction. Among the several open floor facade, behind and own embroidery business, and is committed to innovation and style to homegrown-based business operators, with the recent new surgery embroidered jacquard, jacquard punch embroidery, embroidered flower series , net cutwork, water melt embroidery, embroidery, etc. Comprehensive new jacquard, embroidery yarn skirt have introduced to attract business in Dubai, Russia and ASEAN business operators to pour in, while rushing orders to goods.
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