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Law of Suzhou embroidery ability (2)
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4, Sou and needle: Have call accident the needle. Each other of accident needle irregular uses this kind of stitch, hind the intermediate Chan of the needle gave the injection once upon a time, edge mouth is not neat, have mix colors and suitable advantage, can use embroider to emulate figure.

5, grab a needle: Call prop up the needle again, it is to use brief straight shot the pose down body, later the needle before needle afterwards, a batch of ground grab the stitch that go up. Can say, this kind of stitch is the development of straight shot.

6, plain knit

1, plain knit: It is the embroider method that replaces silk thread with metallized thread. Its method: It is with golden line or silver-colored line tile first above embroider ground, go up with silk thread short pinprick again, every needle distance arrives one minute one, according to appearance of place embroider grain whirly cram, have 2, 3, also have much platoon. The line that string should be like crossed grain to the flower, as plunging into sole decorative pattern.

2, hammer line: Pressing a line is the embroider method that a kind of tailor-made fine lubricious line replaces golden line. This kind of lubricious line calls palm the line, also call packet of root the line. Copy of metallographic of peace of its embroider law, because its line is lubricious much, can the object of embroider also is gotten than Ping Jinan much.

7, medicinal powder wrong needle: It is applied with a variety of stitch change, achieve shade of yin and yang measurable, the form and structure of embroider of place of do one's best is clear.

1, medicinal powder whole needle: It is a needle, use a needle, receive needle, accident needle to hold used mixture stitch concurrently.

2, needle of false or true: It is empty, fact is used, the stitch with true body empty. Random needle: Random needle is Mr Yang Shouyu the embroider law that in this century 40 time create. This kind of stitch is irregular ground uses a line with the needle, with figuration of jackknife of across of accident lubricious line, it is a bottom in order to blend lubricious route first, again forked fold other expression line, will mediate according to the impression, fork folds frequency not stick to, till be similar in shape till.

8, make up embroider: It is one sort seems braided embroider way. It includes stamp gauze, get ready, embroider of embroider of shop cloth with soft nap, net, clip bright and beautiful, crossed peach blossom, wool. These stitch apply to embroider design decorative pattern, also can call them so " design embroider " .

1, stamp gauze: Also make wear gauze, early popular, by straight shot immediate change comes.

2, get ready: Also cry inclined one is strung together with, it is one kind buckles the stamp gauze that winds a way. The embroider law that get ready is: It is the ground with 3 filar collect, be in with the line collect stitch is buckled on crossed grain. But also can be the ground with gauze or rougher cloth.
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