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Law of Suzhou embroidery ability (3)
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9, forgive embroider: This is photograph of a kind of needlework is circled, buckle the stitch that forms embroider. Hit seed, zip child, buckle embroider, braid with chicken feather needle, belong to this kind

1, make seed: It is one of stitch of Suzhou embroidery tradition. Can use its embroider pistil, design of embroider of OK also and independent ground is drawn.

2, zip child: Make Ko again seed, the embroider that goes out with embroider of this kind of stitch is tasted delicate and solid, suffer small grind examine to also won't damage. Come with it the meaning in embroider commodity makes grain appearance, honour plate dish jar reachs a canopy kind grain appearance is orderly also and beautiful.

3, buckle embroider: The stitch that buckles embroider is to use those who buckle an edge so, call it in the past so " lock hemming " . Recent popularity is very wide buckle a flower to use this kind of method namely. It can buckle an all sorts of design, and have a variety of buckling law.

4, braid: This is one of stitch that ancient time uses the earliest. Its embroider law is; stitch is made up by the bottom, the 2nd needle wears a jab to fall over stitch, take the line above, pinpoint and forward place of about one minute is worn case, cover online circle adduction to tighten a string, became a coil, continue to cover next buckle one braid. 5, chicken feather needle: This kind of stitch is the stitch that uses embroider to make the pattern on commodity. Embroider grows the flowers of form to be able to use this kind of stitch leaf or chief body feather.

10, use a needle: Using a needle is the stitch that is added at his needle. Stitch requirement is scanty and this kind is not close, branch and not and, vivid and not sluggish, irregular and not neat.

11, auxiliary needle: This kind of stitch is not the stitch of independent embroider body, the auxiliary sex stitch that uses to enhance the vivid sex of degree of be similar in shape of place embroider scenery and expression however. This kind stitch has classify: Needle of complementary needle, give or have an acupuncture treatment, quarter scale. 1, complementary needle: Use in need when applying precious of needle, quarter scale, use embroider of long straight pinprick first, made Man Ruping embroider, this is complementary needle. 2, give or have an acupuncture treatment: Give or have an acupuncture treatment is appropriate the bird of and so on of embroider crane, aigret, one side, eagle, chicken, crow, magpie is ungual. When embroider, use straight shot first, add horizontal needle in straight shot again above, as tying thing, plunge into the grain of bird claw finally. 3, quarter scale needle: It is the stitch that embroider makes squamate record figure. If plunge into scale, grab scale, fold scale, apply scale to wait kind.

12, aberrant embroider: In embroidery, a few have the aid of are mixed at other tool, material technique, make groovy embroidery produces special embroider law of change, it is aberrant embroider, include to catch embroider, filling picture embroider, embroider borrowing scene, tall embroider among them, pick damask silk and cut cloth with soft nap to wait.
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