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Law of Suzhou embroidery ability
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One, straight embroider


Straight shot: Become body completely with perpendicular embroider, needle of circuit rise and fall is in completely the brim, it is parallel parallelism completely, edge mouth neat. Match colors is an unit a kind of lubricious line, do not have and color. Sutural too long place with respect to ledger line pin, evolve to spread a needle to add the stitch of quarter later.


Pester a needle: It is to use the short lines of inclined travel to twining body embroider to make, have here remove a needle to arrive there fall needle, direction is consistent.

2, dish needle: Dish the needle is the stitch that expression curves body. Include to cut a needle, receive needle, needle roller, injection coming back 4 kinds. Cut a needle among them the earliest, development goes to needle coming back after.

1, cut a needle: Also cry " pricker " . Needle and needle are linked together and prick, the 2nd needle must receive the injection since the primary key point of stitch, needle mark wants the fine seed that be like a fish, alleged " one sesame seed 3 needles " , depend on this.


Receive an injection: Straight shot line can spin, but because of too long term loosen and can cast case. Cut a needle to be able to extend line, but can show sutural.

3, needle roller: Needle roller also calls music the needle, needle needle forces close and embroider. The 2nd needle is inserted before slanting in stitch some, press hard on its line, sutural Tibet online below, before the 3rd needle receives end of stitch needle to slant some, below with this analogize.

4, needle coming back: It is to use receive an injection or the method of needle roller circles and a kind of stitch of embroider. Embroider when, the grain that comes back down body hesitating uses brief shot dish needle, divide evenly is close and do not show sutural.

3, cover a needle: Only then Yu Tang is acting, be current takes the place of at the Song Dynasty, to the dew of bright generation sweet garden considers embroider, when the Shenshou of clear belt, developed further.


Sheet covers: The name is smooth set. Its embroider law is: The first batch removes a pin from the edge, edge mouth neat; The 2nd batch of decline needles in the first batch, the first batch needs to leave gap of a gleam of, in order to hold the 2nd batch pin; The 3rd batch needs to turn into the first batch of end one li is made, leave the gap of the 4th batch of needles thereafter; The 4th batch receives the 2nd batch of remaining part again one li is made... ; Ever since, the rest may be deduced by analogy.

2, double set: Double the embroider way that covered embroider method and sheet cover is same, just cover than sheet cover greatly, lot number is short. It connects with the first batch with the 4th batch, namely the 2nd batch receives the first batch of 3/4 part, the 3rd batch receives the first batch of 2/4 part, the 4th batch receives the first batch of 1/4 part.
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