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Cross-stitch novice is entered rank tutorial
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Novice tutorial
Cross-stitch is a beauty, and simple art, the society is very easy. But, rise to embroider from the society very handy, want much embroider a few work ability is OK. Inchoate moment, also want the habit according to oneself each, blend in the tutorial in his gimmick, ability finds the optimal method that suits his. Not impatient, come slowly!
  One, cross-stitch stitch tutorial
Say simply, cross-stitch is by two needles direction contrary linear place comprises " X " what comprise, so, according to its figure, call it in English "Cross Stitch" , namely what we say " cross-stitch " .
A simple embroider is tasted in, its stitch will be simpler, they are likely very by " X " place composition, but begin as work complex, its stitch also can begin to rise more, but say cross-stitch is a simple project, because its stitch is less,be, have commonly usedly: Complete needle (Cross Stitch) , half needle (Half Cross Stitch) , 1/4 needle or 3/4 needle, gou Bian (Back Stitch) reach France to written guarantee (French Knots) .

   Common compound needle stitch
Besides the basic stitch above, in the process of embroider work, give now side possibly still these more complex stitch, may use to two kinds in a grid because of them same or it is different stitch, so we call them " compound needle " . Of course, most propbably at this moment you had been ace, can arrive inaccessibly without what you! Effort!

   2, the problem about cross-stitch embroider cloth

  1, embroider cloth common sense
The embroider cloth that makes in cross-stitch is the cotton cloth that having small neat check, linen, or it is plastic cloth. Its norms is to use " CT " come denotive -- each inches in have how many small check, commonly used norms is 14CT, namely: Each inches in have 14 small check. The norms that we see on market includes: 9CT, 11CT, 16CT, 14CT, 18CT, 22CT, 28CT, 32CT.
The groovy color of cotton cloth has this white, blanch, black; And of chromatic cloth familial bigger, arrive from pink scarlet, arrive from shamrock purplish blue, from pale green to old green... you are OK the color that according to different embroider the graph chooses to differ, create more perfect artistic effect.
The color cent of linen is shallow, medium, deep 3 kinds, its cloth simple look is described more naturally to can be being used only for cotton cloth, because, linen itself contains the his irregular figure that order state. The price photograph of linen is a few more expensive to wanting for cotton cloth, but the effect of the work that with it embroider comes out also is quite beautiful. A lot of embroider friend are in embroider a few large fairy or it is a character when the graph, can choose linen.
Plastic cloth is by plastic make, the periphery after cutting out won't be diffuse, we are so commonly used it will make purse, mobile telephone catenary, small hang wait for handicraft to taste.
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