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Silk and inwrought
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The data that disentombs according to archaeology proves, filar fabric of China only then at the fine of southeast The Neo-lithic Age Zhu Wen is changed. After this, through Yan Shang's development, the craft knitting embroider of period of age the Warring States, already had higher level.

Craft of Qin Han that knit embroider, especially Chinese generation, on the foundation of tradition of successive the Warring States, having saltant development. Silk variety is more rich, have bright and beautiful, damask silk, figured woven silk material, collect, gauze, thin silk, white, fine silk fabrics etc.

The stitch with Chinese inwrought generation, basically be plait embroider, also weigh Suo Zixiu, its characteristic is needle road orderly, embroider line is firm. Ma Wang piled Chinese grave to ever came up out of land a large number of inwrought objective, variety is rich, make beautiful.

The appearance of the grain that knit embroider of 6 day period, in successive Han Daichuan on the foundation of all, develop change somewhat, it changed Han Daiyun to enrage the format of the irregular change that grain discretion rises and fall, formed well-regulated wave shape framework, form geometry to break up a line, and more the style is changed.

Arrived Tang Dynasty, the craft that knit embroider very develop. Feudal in the center of set knit catch arrange to supervise production technically, division of labor is very fine. Tang Dynasty knits embroider craft to seek luxuriant colour result hard. Silk breed is very much, and with brocade the famousest, call " of " Tang Jin commonly. It is to use weft rocket, place the texture of abb with warp of layer or 2 three-layer, form organization of grain of farmland of a kind of classics. Accordingly, 6 face apply Han Wei before generation of discriminative Yu Tang the traditional texture of longitudinal rocket, call Han Jin " " of classics bright and beautiful, call Tang Jin " " of abb bright and beautiful. The advantage of abb bright and beautiful is to be able to knit a mixed adornment decorative pattern and luxuriant colour effect. Try Tang Jin absorbed exotic adornment grain model again on foundation of traditional design decorative pattern, so it is had pure and fresh, colorful, richly artistic style, adornment decorative pattern of Tang Jin has: Couplet bead grain, round nest grain, symmetrical grain, loose cotton.

Tang Dynasty embroidery is sided with more delicate advocate to development, because its base is too too general, solid: Be in male agrarian female below knitted regime, the girl of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two should learn " needlework " , want to master embroidery. Such, those live in deep curtilage the young ladies of the rich other people of courtyard, embroidery becomes them beguiling, raise gender and the only activity that undertake mental creation, formed gradually " boudoir embroider " .

What the Song Dynasty takes the place of is silk, on the traditional production base of Tang Dynasty, have new development again. Song Dai's brocade has times distinguishing feature, call Song Jin. Its characteristic is to use small flower, custom grain, have metabolic diversity 8 amount to running water of grain of dizzy, curvature of the spinal column, Suo Ziwen, 10 thousand words to wait, organize regular in neat formation, tonal and calm elegance. Song Jin is divided outside serving as dress, award and economic commerce, still serve as mount a picture of painting and calligraphy use data especially, place of the painter that it is a book is happy with. Inwrought stitch of Song Dai is careful, coloring elegance; Taste development to appreciation, become the picture embroider later. Acting embroidery of the Song Dynasty organizes manufacturing management by embroider courtyard, folk is inwrought also relatively develop, can sell as commodity.
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