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Cross-stitch work art
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Cross-stitch work, a kind of inwrought stitch. Be like crossed cross-stitch work, it is namely above plain cloth the eye that depend on gauze chases an eye to buckle with embroidery thread on crisscross, constitute all sorts of decorative pattern. Wait for adornment as dress and handkerchief, have guileless, durable characteristic. When knitting cotton print or tapestry satin, according to variety design, the flower is picked on meridian this, as the basis that knits a flower. This kind of flower wants number of computational warp root originally, instigate one part warp with cross-stitch work crochet hook or little shuttle in order, start to talk what weft crosses warp after that, chase shuttle to interweave decorative pattern. An Wei cross-stitch work of lake of overgrown with weeds Anhui Hefei cross-stitch work skirt Anhui looks at river cross-stitch work skirt Cross-stitch work of Guizhou garment back The Dong nationality cross-stitch work pillow towel Cross-stitch work of back of Guizhou child garment Guizhou just handkerchief Cross-stitch work towel Back of pane grain garment Cross-stitch work just handkerchief

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