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Handiwork is inwrought
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■ about manual embroidery

What is manual embroidery? It points to with manual means, with needle and line the design the person and a kind of art that make the fabric that is added in any existence go up.

■ manual embroidery is classified

Differentiate by producing area: Can divide for " Suzhou embroidery " (Jiangsu) , " embroider of another name for Guangdong Province " (Guangdong) , " Hunan embroidery " (Hunan) , " Sichuan embroidery " (Sichuan) etc, among them first what Suzhou embroidery is 4 big manual embroidery.

Press treatment means, manual embroidery can be divided for " half handmade " and " pure handiwork is inwrought "

■ manual and inwrought brief introduction

Manual embroidery is the famous handicraft of Chinese tradition, in Chinese arts and crafts history on have important place. Manual embroidery and sericiculture, filature is not divided. China is the discovery on the world and the country with use the earliest silk, people already began sericiculture, filature before 449 years. As the use of silk, the generation of silk and development, manual and inwrought craft also gradually arisen, according to Chinese history " a high official in ancient China " account, 4000 old before " the chapter takes a system " provided garment " embroider of garment picture skirt " adornment, visible China is 449 years ago, manual embroidery is already wide be popularity.

1958, came up out of land in grave of Chinese Changsha Hunan the manual embroidery of dragon phoenix design, the embroider that this is period of the Warring States of ancient time of the China more than 2000 years ago is tasted, it is one of the China that has discovered now's earliest manual and inwrought in kind, nowadays, manual and inwrought craft of China is alled over almost at the whole nation, the embroider of another name for Guangdong Province of the Sichuan embroidery of the Hunan embroidery of the Suzhou embroidery of Suzhou, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong (wide embroider) each characteristic, be known as 4 names embroider of China, manual embroidery of of all kinds folk also does not have distinguishing feature. Develop today's artwork, technology is careful and sophisticated.

Past dynasties literature, from ancient an official conservatory in the Han Dynasty for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads " fly southeast the peacock " sentence " concubine has embroider waist Ru, hang down in clusters autogenous light " , shenyang of the Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties arranges line " get Pu Tao embroider, figured woven silk material of the silk tree in the waist " , till Tang Li Bai Gou " emerald gold detailed, embroider becomes garment of singing and dancing " etc, there is no lack of without exception see this kind of picture, especially marketplace of picture of word of the Song Dynasty lives, in every case keeps boudoir passion is meticulous depict more, too numerous to mention one by one. Not get married daughter does needlework is one's proper business, often infuse its affection, it is really " aimlessly hamper embroider time, laugh ask an affectionate couple two words are how unfamiliar book " emotional appeal. Rich home female be versed in already and enjoy embroider to taste, unlined upper garment of shoe of garment skirt cap, screen of Wei of pillow quilt account all makes embroider work, the animal of different of birds of precious of beautiful flowers and grass that gives lifelike with golden line embroider even,
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