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Characteristic of Hunan beautiful craft
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A kind of Hunan embroidery is Hunan people creation outstanding handicraft is tasted, have masterly craft and distinctive artistic color. Chinese embroidery is to use real silk, hard damask normally, interweave the careful handicraft that soft silk fabric in satin weave, transparent voile, Ni Guan adds real silk, cotton thread to wait to be made for raw material embroider, and Hunan embroidery embroider is tasted basically use real silk silk thread to knit case of cartography of the embroider on content in real silk, it has rare appreciation artwork already, also have beautiful and applicable commodity. Main breed has bosseyed embroider, double-faced embroidery, all sorts of life commodity such as shoe of all sorts of screen, screen, a miniature reproduction of a painting, bedcover, pillowcase, bedspread, cushion for leaning on, antependium, handkerchief, embroider garments and palace fan, embroider, handkerchief, scarf. Every breed but embroider wait for a graph with effigies of beasts of scenery, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, animal, character. Working appreciation play artwork of Hunan embroidery handicraft, Hunan embroidery, relaxed and happy making a person, among them flavor is wonderful. The adornment that occupy the home also reflects grade and personality with Hunan embroidery. Wearing elegance of of primitive simplicity and do not break dress of modern manual Hunan embroidery, also can give a person a kind of riches and honour, decorous, free from vulgarity feeling.
Hunan embroidery regards our country as one of 4 names embroider, it is a center with Hunan Changsha, it is to be on the foundation of Hunan folk inwrought craft, the inwrought handicraft that absorbed Suzhou embroidery with the elite of smooth embroider development to rise, formed oneself distinctive color thereby, emphasize realistically, plain and beautiful, image is dramatic. The characteristic is silk fine, with solution of benevolence of Chinese honey locust evaporate is boiled after, wrap again rise wipe mop, prevent silk of cloth with soft nap cottony, its Guang Xisheng eye at sending silk, hunan embroidery is good at using depth ash and black white on match colors, add contrast of proper light and shade, enhanced simple sense and stereo sense, the false or true on the structure is united in wedlock, be good at using blank, stress a theme, formed the character of simple but elegant like Hunan embroidery wash. The traditional subject matter of Hunan embroidery is wait with lion, tiger, squirrel, see more most with the tiger especially.
Art of the our country tradition brushwork with clever Hunan embroidery, calligraphy, etc and inwrought be in harmony are an organic whole, form with China the picture is a foundation, apply nearly the embroider line of 200 kinds of color and classy silk, silks and satins, ghostwrite with the needle by hand, the unique Chinese inwrought school that applies more than 100 kinds of stitch ably to have creation or reductive picture. The markeddest characteristic is colourful, image is clear, art of composition of composition of a picture sincerely, the picture feels strong character, feel no regret at " far view imposing manner is grandiose, see by superb nearly " artistic effect. Hunan embroidery is subject matter with traditional Chinese painting more, pattern is vivid and clear, style bold and unconstrained, ever had " embroider earthnut is sweet, embroider bird can listen sound, embroider tiger can run, embroider person can lifelike " beautiful praise.
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