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The palace art with elegant riches and honour visits Yao Fuying of Great Master
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The official helps

As " Yan Jing 8 absolutely " one of, beijing embroider once was the excellent and inwrought craft that serves technically for royalty. At this late hour, the person that is engaged in this going is less and less, add on a few old actor die, this traditional handicraft skill that possesses grumous China culture has been close to be lost. For more the knowledge capital embroider of close quarters, the reporter walked into a capital recently 100 labour lane, visited Yao Fuying of Great Master of Beijing embroider art. Yao Fuying begins 12 years old to learn embroidery, 16 years old enter plant of dragon prosperous embroidery when apprentice. Tell according to him, shou Chenceng of its grandfather Yao is bureau of clear acting embroider 4 taste an official. At that time, the grandfather of Bao Shulan of Beijing embroider Great Master does embroider to be versed in in embroider bureau. Two family only then have society. 1960, yao Fuying begins to learn Beijing embroider at Bao Shulan from division. Yao Fuying says: "A young boy takes embroider injection, begin to return true some are incommensurate, but time grew to also be used to, can sit so that live. " this sits is 55 years.

Beijing embroider

Riches and honour is elegant palace is artistic

Yao Fuying to " the market signs up for " reporter introduction, beijing embroider is manual embroidery, call palace embroider again. The history of Beijing embroider is very long, chinese generation is already healthy, distant generation enters a peak, yuan Chaoshi uses metallized thread at embroidery dish gold, resplendent and magnificent.

Arrived clear generation, sculpture of Beijing embroider and jade article, cloisonne enamel, ivory, gold lacquer is enchased, carved lacquerware, filament is enchased, palace blanket (carpet) call " Yan Jing 8 absolutely " . Of quiet day go to do place set embroider bureau, make appearance of grain of embroidery of dress of royal, 100 officials technically. Between path light-year, path smooth emperor life flexibly the painter of the house is appearance of grain of embroidery of embroider labour scale, the style that draws traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail blends in embroidery, make the height that the craft of Beijing embroider reachs have a very high level.
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