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The fund that win one helps famous Qiang embroider sells first into high-grade b
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(Ceng Yanling of reporter of Sichuan news network) on July 24, side of obtain employment of woman of the Qiang nationality of A dam city helps side of central Qiang embroider up to help a plan up to pull open heavy curtain in Chengdu. Reporter of Sichuan news network learns, the Qiang embroider that served as commodity in the past had not walked out of remote mountains basically.

Before Yu Huiting stands in Qiang embroider work, girl of the Qiang nationality says proudly, "Girl of our the Qiang nationality contacts Qiang embroider as a child. It is in old person body the edge looks first, there is embroider slowly later, the decorative pattern that goes up to cloth shoe from babushka is us embroider of stitch a gleam of comes out. " Yu Huiting says, qiang embroider is multi-purpose bright color, stitch is changeful, the embroidery of some similar the Han nationality, the cross-stitch of some similar nowadays popularity. "We are the nations on Yun Duo, so often of embroider cloud appearance lacy. Another commonly used element is azalea. Another commonly used element is azalea..

The belle reveals the glamour of Qiang embroider satchel

Reporter of Sichuan news network understands, after county of plain of boreal plain, short of Wenshui River, manage and the development of tourism of area of inhabit a region of the Qiang nationality such as luxuriant county rise, many tourist liked to go up Qiang embroider, the person of the Qiang nationality of kind-hearted hospitality often tastes the embroider of him place embroider give a visitor as the gift. Although had travel to taste brand shop to be able to sell a few Qiang embroider embroider to taste later, but basically be tourist is being bought, so annual sales volume is not large. The Chengdu of Tibetian woman make friends with a man of higher position that contacts Qiang embroider as a child says, the Qiang embroider that serves as commodity basically had not walked out of remote mountains.

That day, subscribe of 6 businesses scene more than 3 million yuan Qiang embroider kinds or types of goods, wait for commodity for wrist support more among them. Reporter of Sichuan news network notices, wait as a result of one fund intervene, bring the famous and high-grade bazaar such as Dekafo to also express to will sell Qiang embroider dress, articles for daily use and decoration. The side helps a center up to announce at the same time, will wait for formal much channel to popularize Qiang embroider embroider to taste through network store and brand shop, develop the market to suffer a side to help a woman.

According to the plan, the side helps a center up to will finish a product inside this year research and development and first technical Training Within Industry, realize 6000 people obtain employment. Next year bottom will strive to help help 15 thousand women, sell a net to realize protection to develop culture of the Qiang nationality and the double target that offer post of obtain employment of disaster area woman through the Qiang embroider inside countrywide limits at the same time.
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