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Technology of laser beam machining applies at spin dress
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Laser beam machining regards a kind of brand-new treatment as the method, process accurate, quick, operation with its degree of simple, automation is advanced advantage, receive wide application gradually inside industry of garment of leather, spin.   of hand-me-down laser embroider exceeds the spin clothing fabrics of 2/3 to be able to use laser to make all sorts of number pattern. Traditional spin fabrics makes what craft needs later period wear flower, very hot flower, press the treatment processing such as the flower, and laser decorated fire is had in this respect make convenient, quick, design alternate clarity of agile, image, stereo feeling the strong, instinctive quality that can behave all sorts of fabrics adequately feels character, and experience is long the advantage such as Chang Xin. If craft of combinative hollow out is to make the finishing point more, bring out the best in each other. Clothing fabrics and hand-me-down laser embroider suit: Factory of clothing of processing factory, fabrics deep processing factory, hand-me-down, range is trimmed after spin fabrics complementary makings and company of supplied materials treatment.   of video laser spraying decoration passes bull-puncher the laser illuminate of numerical control, the dye of surface of vaporization bull-puncher cloth, make on all sorts of bull-puncher fabrics thereby won't beautiful form of the video design of fade, gradual change, cat must grind arenaceous equivalent fruit, increased new beautiful point again for cowboy style. Laser beam machining of bull-puncher spraying decoration is burgeoning, the treatment project that has profit of rich and generous treatment and market space, suit the bull-puncher clothing factory, bath factory, treatment appreciation deep treatment that waits for enterprise and individual to have bull-puncher series product extremely. Technology of laser of beautiful   of mark of leather fabrics laser reachs leather industry in shoemaking at present medium application is very wide also. The advantage of laser depends on can be on all sorts of leather fabrics fast sculpture and hollow out give various pattern, and operation respect is agile, won't make leather surface produces any deformation at the same time, in order to reflect the color of a leather itself and qualitative move. It has sculpture precision more tall, hollow out picks a variety of dominant positions such as form without Mao Bian, random, suit material of vamp, shoe, skin to provide, bag of vanity, box, skin serves the need that waits for treatment to produce manufacturer. Laser sculpture is to show laser equipment joins laser carves software, graph draft inputs way of automatic carven work. Current, laser sculpture is technology of domain of laser beam machining the most mature, use the most extensive technology. Use this kind of technology, any complex graphs can be carved. Can undertake hollow out sculpture and not penetrable blind chamfer are carved, carve a depth thereby differ, simple sense is different, have administrative levels feels and transfer all sorts of magical design of color effect. Depend on these advantages, laser carves the new trend that catered to international dress treatment. In craft of embroider of computer of   of cut of laser of the embroider that stick cloth, it is very important to have two moves, stick the cut of next makings after the cut before cloth embroider and embroider namely. In conventional treatment technology, the knife model that the cut before embroider introduces machines the blemish of means to depend on, easy generation fabric needs an edge, and treatment precision accepts knife model restriction, opposite sex graph is machined hard, the making cycle of knife model constant, cost is high, because this was restricted,stick the development of cloth embroider. And next makings cut after embroider, what use mostly is eager treatment means, this means has the crack that cut a margin again big, brim sends Huang Fa hard, hard the defect such as counterpoint. Opposite sex graph relies on artificial hand to cut, come loose more easily edge, generation waste, be badly in need of a kind of advanced treatment means will replace these two kinds of old treatment way so. Although laser beam machining also attributes hot-working kind, but the focusing sex as a result of laser height, illuminate facula is fine, thermal diffusion area is small, because this suits the cut of pair of spin fiber fabrics extremely. Incorporate is machining fabrics limits extensive, cut is flowing without flash, automatic binding off, without be out of shape, the graph can pass the computer optional design and output, need not knife model is waited a moment. This makes laser beam machining is become kind is replaced acceptedly inside course of study. Brand laser hits mark   laser to hit mark to have the precision that make bid tall, rate is rapid, hit mark clarity, the characteristic of all sorts of characters, symbol, design can be printed on the plane in hard, soft, fragile product, dambered surface and flight content. Laser makes bid compatible laser cut, carven all sorts of advantages, can machine in the nicety on metal and organic polymer chip, machine the mixed pattern with small size. The mark that print is had never tatty defends bogus performance, can make all sorts of department badge with the cloth mark, skin mark, metal sign, complex and careful design that print and LOGO technically, it is the optimal choice that thing of brand dress dress machines. Long-term since, the cuts edge, inwrought pattern in cutting edge and inwrought pattern stiletto of brand spells a flower to be put in a contrapuntal problem. Accurate and efficient cut, it is the expectation with collective industry. Existing automatic vision tracks cut system to be in one stride advanced on the foundation of traditional artificial and contrapuntal cut, can substation counterpoint point will locate automatically cut. But to spin product be out of shape randomly cannot correct automatically, because this meeting produces many waste product. There already was an enterprise to develop out successfully to move inside the industry now identify system of the cut that seek an edge, can knit the brim of brand graph according to place, make cut way automatically, use cut of laser edge edge well and truly. Still can locate automatically, to inwrought graph medium design undertakes cut stiletto, solved contrapuntal problem at all thereby.

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