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" Olympic Games Hunan army " give 5 cities can represent Hunan embroidery techno
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(" Olympic Games Hunan army " graph of embroidered portrait effect)

Red net on July 22 dispatch (reporter Liu Yibin) eve of 5 carry meeting, factory of Hunan embroidery of profit of overhead of long rustle level ground donates free " Olympic Games Hunan army " embroidered portrait gives organizing committee of athletic meeting of bureau of Hunan Province sports and town of the 5th whole nation to collect. It is reported, this " Olympic Games Hunan army " the top level of craft of Hunan embroidery of embroidered portrait delegate, and lifelike reveals an Olympic Games the joyance when Hunan army gains the championship and bold and generous affection.

It is reported, this embroidered portrait predicts to consume amount of 16 Hunan embroidery technician 1600 weekday, will use plain knit the embroider law such as embroider, random needle embroider, straight across embroider, the embroider line that ties nearly 5 kinds of color with ten color will have show. Current, this factory is organizing technical personnel to work overtime, with assuring this embroidered portrait to be met in 5 cities eve is finished as scheduled.

(Technical personnel is working overtime)

Wool Yong Zhen weighs general manager of plant of Hunan embroidery of profit of overhead of long rustle level ground, they are embroidered portrait of champion of 5 Olympic Gameses this, since to promote Olympic Games spirit, promote the Chinese nation to go all out in work tenaciously spirit, also be for account Olympic Games of Hunan army brilliant history, it is Tian Lixiu course of study more to athletic meeting of town of the 5th whole nation give aid to.

This controller still discloses, before this embroidered portrait is finishing, they are being contacted actively with province sports bureau, to the Olympic Games donated 2008 1.42 meters 20.08 meters long, wide gigantic the Hunan embroidery that an Olympic Games emblem and mark are content.
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