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Interesting " Yunnan 28 strange "
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Yunnan is located in our country southwest border area, the south, western as proximate as Vietnam, Laos, Burmese the Three Kingdoms. The minority in 3000 much population is occupied 1/3, have the nation of 20 many brother such as Yi, white, Ha Ni, strong, Dai. This with multilateral border on and multiracial blending place how do not produce peculiar and colorful folk-custom amorous feelings? What is more,the rather that Yunnan is located in downy karst region, it is world-renowned karst topography area, be the monsoon austral Indian madder and monsoon of Pacific Ocean southeast hand in collect an area, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Tibetan highland union are in. Landform of hill high depth of water is daedal, shan Dian and fluvial direction climate differ very big; In area of gorge of a few high mountains, perpendicular cent takes the frigid zone climate that goes up to the high mountain from the intertropical climate below hill very apparent, reason popularity has " one hill has the four seasons, 10 lis of different days " , " wear furred robe midday early to wear gauze, back burner eats watermelon " adage. 28 kinds when produced civilian place to pass consequently " strange " .
Blame mixedly

From what wear for 6 blame:

One, old lady whole body dresses up take prize. In Kunming street and park, often see the embroider on a lot of old lady heads is strapped child, the foot wears embroider shoe, between the waist round embroider apron, embroider steamer.

2, girls become cravat by accident chatelaine. A lot of minority girls are very exquisite surround wide broad embroider waist band, very colorful like boys cravat, actual it is a tourist girls chatelaine regards as by accident cravat.

3, the baseboard with big Dong still wears pointed pointed shoe. A few multiracial the woman that shuts house place big Dan Aimei of able-bodied, laborious, foot, often wear embroider cusp to take away Gou Feng shoe to visit go to market and friend in person, the foot when walking very resemble a pair of boatrace become warped head dragon boat.

4, well new heelpiece fills even together. Yunnan person loves the United States, with embroidery, plunge into catch, dried meat catch wait for gimmick to dress up his. No matter down to of girl, daughter-in-law, old lady is held in the arms,wear young child all over very flowery. In street, you can look a lot of young child appareling chromatic cloth spells child of cat of embedded tiger head cap, cat. Women wear the embroider heel is applique colour before the move to step on a shoe.

5, one dress of the four seasons apparels together in the day. Because,this is in front be said some areas difference in temperature is bigger, cold hot instant changes namely.

6, toe all the year round outer. A lot of areas belong to Yunnan tropics and semi-tropical climate, a lot of place the four seasons if spring. Be in these gentle places, men and women is fond of country the foot that make light. Reason toe bifurcation all the year round outer.
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