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Embroider gives beauty " beautiful out I "
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Chengdu Dong Gang on the west a lot of people know the inn of Yan Long jade article of the road, there are many delicate artworks inside, the double-faced Suzhou embroidery that sees first lets me widen the horizon greatly, not only the person that has all sorts of figure, the animal that still has all sorts of pattern people.

The history of Suzhou embroidery is long, the Suzhou luck smooth tower that is built at period of Northen Song Dynasty of the Five Dynasties and tiger grave tower ever had come up out of land Suzhou embroidery classics baggage, it already can be applied on stitch the smooth needle that grab a shop and use a needle, this is the Suzhou embroidery in kind with the at present earliest discovery. According to concerning historical data account, after taking the place of from the Song Dynasty, the ability of Suzhou embroidery is very flourishing, craft also day attain mature. Country " domestic home sericiculture, an embroidery " , embroider line alley, lane rolling embroider, samite lane, embroider still appeared to do alley waiting for lane inside the city, those who see Suzhou embroidery is flourishing. There is what make a living with embroidery not only at that time, and rich home boudoir is beautiful also often with this pastime time, edify disposition, alleged " civilian embroider " , " boudoir cabinet embroider " , " palace embroider " name also from this and come. Clear acting Suzhou embroidery is an exceptionally grand occasion more, suzhou is called " embroider city " and famous the four seas. When hour hand law, of application wide, the face before there's no one who doesn't or isn't exceeds, stage of landscape, booth, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, character, omnipotent, do not be versed in without place. Increase a large number of need of palace, luxurious richly embroider is tasted emerge in endlessly. Suzhou embroidery absorbs Shanghai later " consider embroider " and the characteristic that West draws, innovation goes radial light and shade the style of rich and intense, stereo feeling.

Double-faced embroidery " cat " , it is one of delegate work of Suzhou embroidery. Art people divides the embroidery thread of degree of finish of a hair into 1/2, 1/4, the one of down to extremely, filament embroider of 1/48, and ten million knot of thrum, line hides into thin air. No matter can see the manner with piquant and lively kitten from the front or opposite. Embroider cat is the most difficult is eyeball of a pair of cat eye, art the silk thread talent that people needs to use a variety of 20 color gets feline eyeball embroider sharp, lifelike.

Suzhou embroidery craft is with embroider the needle draws color line, press the decorative pattern that designs beforehand and colour, compose carry needle is pricked on the fabrics such as silk, cotton cloth, make pattern, design, written language through embroider mark in order to obtain artistic result. Suzhou embroidery is famous handicraft is tasted, element is versed in with embroider careful, stitch vivid wave, design is beautiful, name of relax of colour elegant clean China and foreign countries.
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