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Look at stone forest embroidery with new eyes
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Folk of stone forest the Yi nationality is inwrought, it is to circulate the culture of a kind of dress that is in folk, cent is cross-stitch work, embroider, hollow out 3 kinds, it is the adornment of dress of the Yi nationality.

Cross-stitch work: Use the plain cloth with distinct lines to make embroider cloth commonly, the down cloth grain when embroider, seam two needles to intersect by hand crossed shape, the graph such as the flower that comprises quadrate, lozenge, rectangle by the cross, bug, bird. Embroidery thread uses silk thread or wool, colour is comparative and bright-coloured. The embroider that has carried is tasted be in as adornment of the dress get, on arm lacy and hang bag, purse to wait adorn article on, gorgeous beautiful and easy. The embroider that there are a variety of graph compositions now is tasted, the youth likes to be hanged in the room to serve as hanging, decorate a bedroom; Usable also do the room such as antependium, babushka, seat cushion to decorate. Additionally one kind of cross-stitch work is the grain down cloth, thrust deep into the enemy forces of parallel of several cloth grain becomes a figure. This kind of cross-stitch work is to use black cloth to seam commonly go up white line, compositive graph is black and white alternate with, the adornment that waits as the belt of waistcloth, cap, belt that register a bag is used.

Embroider: After the clipping that use paper gives variety, stick on embroider cloth, seam paper pattern according to pattern and diverse color line full lid is over. Stitch of embroider of the Yi nationality is different from Suzhou embroidery Hunan embroidery, embroider of the Yi nationality basically uses as adornment, embroider cloth is a rectangle, figure figure is a flower and leaf suitable. Decorate the cap in the child and woman hang bag, Baotou, shoe, also embroider is in hollow-out ornament of the adornment on cloud atlas.

Hollow out: It is to use black flannelette to affix pasteboard air more, cut the figure such as a flower, cloud next, stick on the cloth with color different contrast, cut a mouth to seam with manual edge on golden line and silver-colored line, before the hollow out pattern that has seamed basically sets the chest in woman dress, the men and women hangs woman of bag, black Yi surround a waist to go up, bossed aesthetic feeling.

Girl of the Yi nationality is controlled 10 years old begin to learn embroider. It is the mother is passed commonly female learn each other when slack season with chaperon art. Before reforming and opening, embroidery of folk of the Yi nationality produces for private use oneself, those who become commodity to sell is very few. After stone forest tourism is increasingly prosperous, domestic and international tourist very love embroidery of stone forest the Yi nationality, contend for buy. Home Yi woman seizes business chance, taste the purse that makes of all kinds norms with embroider, hang bag, hanging, surround the commodity such as waist and seat cushion to offer a visitor. Embroidery of the Yi nationality makes goods, the Home Yi woman that is for generations soil opened the entrance door of goods economy. They taste their embroider take and other places of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen to sell, ran travel service industry with the saving that sells embroidery. A lot of women collect civilian embroider to taste treatment to sell, form distinctive travel commodity, sell famous scenic spot of famous travel of past whole nation; Some open nation embroider taste a factory, on the base that collects treatment folk embroider to taste, with computer embroider machine large quantities of quantities produce the travel goods that has ethical distinguishing feature, area of scene of countrywide famous travel has a sale; Some runs a restaurant, welcome the visitor that comes from countrywide each district. Home Yi woman is in the practice that sells embroidery, still learned to use English, Japanese and foreign guest to chat do business.
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