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Domestic culture art exhibits: Hair embroider
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Common hair turned beautiful scenery into drawing in deft at hand

Southern net dispatch " section of art of culture of family of the 2nd China " heavy curtain will be pulled open in Jiangsu Nanjing on September 5. The most conspicuous on the opening ceremony is have domestic distinguishing feature, the domestic culture skill that develops civilian talent is exhibited. The hair embroider, art that rip paper, grass is made up, bamboo is made up, the stone carving screen wall handicraft that has distinguishing feature each is tasted in Nanjing art the center appearances appear, exhibit elegant demeanour. The reporter took partial originality in the spot the work with elegant, original innovation and netizen share novel, scale, also borrow this to show the gain of plentiful and substantial that domestic culture art builds. (editor: Li Jin)

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