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The silk in the collect of renown raise the world
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The silk in collect, original name 7 lis of silk. About the origin of name of 7 lis of silk, opinions vary. A point of view that gets admissive at present is: This source source is apart from Na Xun of city of Zhejiang north lake to have 7 lis Yao (belong to countryside of bystreet of Na Xun home village or town of lake state city today) , be called out consequently " 7 lis of villages " , 7 lis of silk get a name because of this. This little village is in yuan of end after forming, begin to produce silk of the lake in the collect that is famous in the world later. Why does this kind of earth silk that makes with reel silk from cocoons of ligneous silk car actor or actress character so? So it has 3 recipe: It is this village bred silkworm variety is admirable. Be in bright between 10 thousand past years, this village villager bred a kind of admirable silkworm to plant -- " lotus heart is planted " , because what its produce pod,this silkworm is planted small be like lotus fact and get a name. Use this kind of silk, particularly comfortable make high grade mulberry silk at reel silk from cocoons. 2 it is place is located in too of the lake bank, fluvial freely, have the natural requirement of very good sericiculture, filature. Village of 7 lis of villages east stream dripping a clear and transparent Xue Danghe. Emphasize in filature process " with change water clear water, frequently " , be opposite so water quality is particularly exquisite. And when this Xue Danghe is wearing the silt small stream that billabong reachs 7 lis of villages near bead bay, river water after many labyrinthian and clear, water Qing Dynasty is like lens, diaphaneity a few amount to 100% . Qing Daoguang 20 years (the Christian era 1840) compile and print " Na Xun presses down annals " in account path: "Snow swings, wear bead bay, all is in south the town in close collect village, water is very clear, take with filature, burnish is lovely " . 3 it is technology of local villager filature excellent. Person of 7 lis of villages is paid attention to on filature craft " fine " and " divide evenly " , filature tool applies the most advanced at that time 3 mood foot to step filar car, consequently the silk of place reel silk from cocoons " abound soft embellish of body of tensile, silk, colour and lustre is white " , can hang two copper coin or money more than common ground silk and ceaseless. Na Xunge is old, when a high official in ancient China of face the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs in feudal China Zhu Guozhen is in apocalyptic 2 years (the Christian era 1621) what write " emerge an essay " in say: "Lake silk only 7 lis of You Jia, relatively constant price every two surely much portion. " this shows, bright later period of 10 thousand all previous (1578~1620 of the Christian era year) , 7 lis of silk of reel silk from cocoons of place of person of 7 lis of villages, already becamed famous in home market gradually, big merchant all peddle hereat, trade is reached at Changjiang Delta plain vast area. After this, person of 7 lis of villages' distinctive filature technology, was popularized gradually Hang Jiahu revive each district, and the absorption of these areas improves by, the quality of earthy silk is better and better also, formed " fine, round, divide evenly, firm, white, clean, soft, pliable but strong " 8 big characteristics. And at this moment the silk that each district place produces, also be called completely 7 lis of silk. From now on, 7 lis of silk become the famous earth silk with good quality, especially with Na Xun, 7 lis and celebrated, later criterion the good land silk that general term Changjiang Delta takes, again hind the good land silk that connects Guangdong even also coronal the name with 7 lis of silk. The name of 7 lis of silk till Qing Kangxi second is ugly year (the Christian era 1685) around still is carrying original name. Till Yong Zhengchu year (the Christian era 1723) later, the ability on ancient books had " silk of the lake in collect, short for Zhejiang Province of river of name of arrogate to oneself also " account. Can conclude from this, "7 lis " by elegant melt into " in collect " period should be Kang Xi later period (the Christian era

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