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The pillow between Huai Ningmin is beautiful
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Chinese history is long, ethical culture is of long standing and well established, broad and profound, multiply to be in haunt forever ministry of southwest of the Anhui province, in the Yangtse River downstream north bank, the people conceiving peace that forward position does not the foot of a hill or mountain south hill greatly, having the tough nature with laborious, brave, aspirant pursuit, came 100000, they relied on wisdom and both hands to create bright culture, laid the foundation that conceives culture of peaceful traditional folk-custom, formed the folk-custom folkway of run in the family. In the meantime, root deep cause is chief, the pillow between the Huai Ningmin of scent of full of clay is beautiful, on the land that blooms to length and breadth of land in Huai Ning. From come up out of land in light of objective, pillow appears in our country early, from its development history looks, have down to of wood, stone, contented, jade, porcelain first pillow of the cloth later, cotton, phyletic and various, each are gotten coquettish, as the occurrence of cotton cloth pillow, pillow flower also is born subsequently. Pillow flower also calls pillow poppyhead, finish on cloth, it holds concurrently artistic quality and practical at an organic whole, it is the common thing in life of the folk-custom that conceive peace. On finite lubricious cloth, mere by an a needle, line, carry embroider to give beautiful figure. Survey knowledge according to the author, conceive peaceful old times countryside civilian is very exquisite to pillow, especially newly-married is dotal, pillow beautiful design should be reflected lucky, flexibly, boundless blessing. At the same time pillow beautiful design makes the assessment that also is pair of bride wisdom, reason girls study skill, each other compare notes, each show one's skill, make meticulously, they accept the enlightenment of nature, with rich imagination, pass exquisite conception, recumbent and address both hands, carry embroider to give interest abundant, 1000 appearance 100 condition, the artistic figure of too many beautiful things. Workwoman borrows this with the good feeling in express heart, those who place pair of happy lives is yearning with the longing to duteous love. Flower of the pillow that conceive peace is being used on makings, adjust measures to local conditions, use local materials, quality of a material each different. Have self-restrained hand-woven cloth, have mechanism cloth, also have silks and satins; Embroider line has cotton spinning line, also have all sorts of silk thread, behave a method to be given priority to in order to carry embroider, embroidery, what workwoman pledges according to choosing capable person is different, use different embroider to plant, law of composition of a picture, ability is integrated each length, clever apply, long-term since, the pillow that formed characteristic of the place that conceive peace spends embroider to taste a network. The layout in conceiving peaceful pillow to spend embroider to taste is plump, design is exuberant, occasion is enthusiastic, coloring richly. Grain appearance realistically and vivid, inwrought embroider is tasted in taste scenery effect to behave embroider, use divide a way of the embroider that cover a needle, make color nature transfers and wear the ability law such as inclined needle roller, needle coming back, the grain such as the painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style in making embroider is tasted is stereo sense is stronger, and match colors is decorous, delicate, dial is orderly, some embroider are tasted dish of golden scroll embroider is used in decorative pattern place in order to achieve dazzling and dazzing, gorgeous; In carrying embroider embroider to taste, traditional stitch ably union rises, the design adornment result that carries embroider is comparative and strong, grain appearance is distinctive, decorate beautiful one integrated mass of beautiful, form, make person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, praise greatly. Conceive appearance of peaceful pillow decorative pattern, successive and traditional, theme lucky, boundless blessing, flexibly, all sorts of grain appearance, through its profound implied meaning voices a theme. Workwoman in embroider the figure of by means of of the so as to in tasting, metonymy, homophonic expresses feeling express the idea, in the pillow that conceive peace beautiful embroider is tasted in, use 3 kinds of methods to form commonly, it is with grain appearance figure expresses: If pillow flower is medium advocate the graph carries embroider to give play of Long Feng photograph to pursue, beautiful of implied meaning newly-married matchs the life perfect; Peony is the mark of riches and honour, bullion ingot represents money, pomegranate delegate is much child much happiness. 2 it is with the name homophonic expresses: If use blessing of fingered citron homophonic, magpie expresses to be fond of, the vase expresses to make the same score, the deer expresses salary to wait. 3 it is to use intuitionistic character to express, but in particular in kind, every kinds of method is not independent, often cooperate each other however, clever apply

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