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Embroider pouch and female disposition sincere feeling
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"Embroider pouch " is in our country widely known. But because of district differred to produce many colors again disparate " embroider pouch " . This is to pass a few to be provided quite only representative " embroider pouch " , the female sincere feeling that tries to explain they convey reachs his different kind and characteristic. Chinese folk song tremendous amount of, in the precious fortune that abounds in this " embroider pouch " the air that differs with it and its district style, chant wears a common theme: Communicating the female's warmth and love. "Pouch " be can carry, the packet that holds pocket money or odd thing, folk of the Han nationality has girl embroider pouch to send a lover to become the custom of the content that decide affection, accordingly, "Pouch " the keepsake that also is relation of love of establish of men and women of our country youth. In the female's life, love life often is regarded as the most precious one share in life, their will true love and the happy connection that did not come are together. So, be in the folk of Chinese old times, the woman that often can see a girl or already got married at the same time inwrought pouch, at the same time the canzonet with light tone pleasant chant, express they are right the longing of love life, express the feeling of the longing to sweetheart and love. Nevertheless, what reach folk-custom amorous feelings as a result of district is different, these " pouch " the expressive kind that produced to differ respectively again and psychological spirit. One, express of genuine, candid ground expresses love In happy in the folk song of our country vast sea, have " embroider pouch " the highest grade in be being regarded as folk song by musical worker, that is Yunnan cover cross " embroider pouch " . Yunnan is located in the southwest area of our country, it is our country has the province with most minority. Outside dividing the Han nationality, still have more than 20 nations such as the Yi nationality, the Bai nationality, Miao Zu, the people of the Han nationality of Yunnan and numerous minority person are in include culture, music inside a lot of respects have long-term and extensive hand in, as a result of the emigrant element on the history, make Yunnan and Changjiang Delta are having the connection on culture again. Yunnan has hill to have water, people can dance of song be apt to, especially of folk song antistrophic reach match of singing in antiphonal style, more young men and women searchs lover, each other to expressed love to offer good opportunity. Of Yunnan this " embroider pouch " those who use is attune of Yunnan festive lantern. Accordingly not only melody is optimistic and enthusiastic, melody is rising and falling and fluent, and libretto guileless is easy: Crewel of double silk of little small bag waves. Pouch of younger sister embroider drops in man waist. Small it is little affection elder brother, etc is to be being waited a moment, differ does younger sister want condition which to wait for? Pouch embroider is worn to little elder brother, pouch of younger sister embroider has reason. Before elder brother takes away pouch street. Younger sister wants elder brother to beg purposely, look from libretto, this song is bold and unrestrained and free, unrestrained, the kind that feeling expresses boils alive not only easy, and brave and enthusiastic, foreign grow is worn hot cheerful of the girl. Fill had inviting green charm. They are right the pursuit of love, do not accept feudal the Confucian or feudal ethical code manacle, bold and Shenyang is hot. How to think in the heart, how to sing in the mouth: "Differ younger sister wants condition wait for which " , what conveyed them adequately to love to believe the life to happiness is yearning. As festive lantern embellish the performance of festively singing and dancing, revealed a girl to live optimistic and fancy-freely, liberally, enthusiasticly the good letter condition of those. They convey cheerful express the idea with pouch, love of express of genuine and candid ground. Have Sichuan additionally " embroider pouch, also month at this kind of song:
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