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Photodrama " embroider woman Lan Xin " content gist
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1915, china's famous civilian handicraft Changjiang Delta " consider embroider " , first time is selected Panama world exposition, around of revolution of duration laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, witnessed " embroider woman " estate of this one society is in new old the inheritance of two timeses and development. What this drama mirrors is stories of such an encourage annals.

Between Guang Xunian, village of embroider of Zhi of celestial being of Changjiang Delta crime already was the descendent and inwrought everybody with circumference illustrious and famous a hunderd li, become what offer drive to taste for the royal family only " drive embroider door " , the Fan Jiaye of adjacent Gu Jia is a famous " drive embroider door " , two be in between the home the position of embroider art bound mutual combat long-standing.

Crime home to pass ancestor receive era, wear daughter-in-law lotus Yun place to give birth to daughter and Shenjia place to gave birth to the boy to move a package under the counter, the girl names Shen Lanxin, the boy names Gu Chuanming. After 15 years, shen Lanxin, gu Chuanming became a pair of be innocent playmates, right now clique plum farther-in-law comes to the imperial court choose embroider daughter and embroider to taste, crime home to save face, let Lan Xin replaced drizzly of crime home granddaughter to enter palace as Gu Jiaren. In the meantime, fan Luzhu of fencing home daughter also be recruited is selected. Pass inscription to continue to stay in Gu Jia, accept the education of severe exacting of loose garden of foster father crime, with successive family property. And Shen Tao of Home Shen elder brother, of one mind is yearning revolution, the life that has given oneself placed an end, so to drizzly be in love with to if not be heard,also be inspected.

Green bead Diao Man is crafty, climb attach very quickly Li Gong of the influential officials in palace is fair, and everywhere circumvent orchid strongs and pervasive fragrance, add honest and frank of disposition of oneself of orchid strong and pervasive fragrance, always displease Li Gong fair, reason meets with repeatedly disaster. Have fortunately protect army Pei Zidong all the time expect is beside, bend force photograph is aided. But there is green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse only in heart of orchid strong and pervasive fragrance pass inscription, pei Zidong has only silent expect. Lan Xin suffers misery fully in palace, but after many go through the mill, her embroider art got rising greatly.

The Eight Power Allied Force inbreaks Beijing, lan Xin speak out from a sense of justice, the Ci Xi that obtain a blame, be sent to match Xinjiang. Lan Xin is in although Xinjiang has a rough time be put into trouble, also get along with local however harmonious, acquired the abstraction technology of the place's distinctive method that knit embroider and dye.
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