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Carry on is promoted lacy
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Carry on is promoted lacy, traceable Italy Venice, original name " 10 thousand Reese " . 20 time pass into carry on to promote, it is technology of arts and crafts of abroad of be in harmony and Chinese people culture taste at the traditional handicraft of an organic whole. In order to design novel and beautiful, carry embroider distinct, design construction is symmetrical, juan of simple but elegant of colour and lustre is beautiful, local characteristic is grumous be good at, be known as " a line is artistic " , " proud flower of China " . Make nearly 20 process, carry embroider gardener among them the heaviest. One piece weighs labour bedspread, throw more than 1000 industry, carry embroider 500 much needles. Major product has 10 thousand silk lacy, edge is big, 10 thousand silk, ingot knits braid lacy and woven the net is buckled etc. 10 thousand silk, in drawwork goods social status is highest. Edge, it is a kind of novel product, collect carries the cream that make, those who take smooth embroider is exquisite, good in quality and cheap in price. Braid is lacy, stereo sense is strong, new beauty of design and color. Ingot is knitted lacy, separator embroider, hand embroider spells embroider and become, qualitative thin transparent, beautiful and easy. Woven the net is buckled, advocate supply sale in domestic market, fill up abb jacquard weave, design clarity, do not knit do not shrink. Carry on allows woman worker of rural much cross-stitch work, flower amounts to 120 thousand more than person. 1986, carry on is promoted lacy obtain the 6th arts and crafts of countrywide award of cup of 100 beautiful bonus. 1987, the tradition that carry on promotes lacy factory to produce is lacy, the 50 many countries such as popular and Euramerican, Japan, HongKong and Macow and area, the product demands exceeds supply.

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